The Most Mind-Blowing X-Men Moments From The 'Dawn' And 'Reign Of X' Eras

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The era of Krakoa has arrived for the X-Men, and it is a truly glorious one. After years of being shuffled to the side at Marvel Comics, the mutants rose to the forefront of publication once again with the back-to-back Jonathan Hickman-led story arcs of Dawn of X followed by Reign of X, and each of them has turned the lives of various X-People on their heads. What comes after Reign of X? Presumably, something equally glorious. Dawn of X and Reign of X weren’t so much self-contained stories as enormous status quo shifts meant to springboard into decades of new tales - though plenty of mind-blowing stuff happened along the way all the same.

The Krakoan Era has seen a mutant nation founded, international prestige attained, and countless well-known mutants brought back from the dead - some multiple times. Name a popular X-character, and they’ve probably undergone some sort of radical change over the last few years. In most cases, those changes have been for the better. In all cases, they’ve been a lot of fun to read about. 

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    The Krakoans Terraformed And Colonized Mars During Their Epic Hellfire Gala

    While the rest of the world quickly became aware of the wonders that could be found on the isle of Krakoa, that paradise remained largely inaccessible to anyone not possessing an X-Gene for some time - until Emma Frost coordinated the first annual Hellfire Gala and invited all of Earth’s most important people to a one-night celebration of mutantkind.

    The event featured magnificent costumes, illusory entertainment, and the reveal of a brand-new X-Men roster. Everyone was there, from Marvel Comics movers-and-shakers like Captain America and Doctor Doom to real-life celebs like Eminem, George R.R. Martin, and Megan Rapinoe. 

    But the real show came after dinner, when several mutant psychics accessed the minds of the gala-goers and showed them what was happening in the sky up above them. As the party raged on below, several Omega-level mutants were busy on Mars, rapidly terraforming it into a world with a breathable atmosphere, an ocean, and a self-sustaining weather system. When it was finished, the mutants announced that Mars would henceforth become known as Arakko.

    Next came the teleportation of the entire island of Arakko to Mars, along with its millions of mutants. And while the Arakko populace had already had their own government in place for thousands of years, it was Storm who was chosen as the first-ever monarch of Arakko. In turn, she informed the various intergalactic empires of the universe that Arakko was now the capital city of the solar system - and that they should start conducting their business there, instead of on Earth. This moment marked the end of Dawn of X and a transition into the Reign of X

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    Professor X Founded A Sovereign, Pharmaceuticals-Slinging Nation On The Mutant Island Krakoa

    Although years of plotting and planning occurred in the background, House of X formally announced the founding of Krakoa to the world via a series of Charles Xavier's psychic blasts. The details that would follow were well and truly earth-shaking. 

    First, Xavier let it be known that mutantkind had formed a sovereign nation of their own on the back of Krakoa, the living mutant island. Then, he psychically invited each and every mutant on the planet - despite their background - to come live on the island and receive full citizenship and amnesty. But Xavier’s wildest news was saved for the homo sapiens crowd.

    Xavier and the newly minted Krakoan government debuted a series of organic, floral products that promised to change the course of history, and skyrocket Krakoa to the utmost heights of international influence. Some Krakoan flowers took the form of pharmaceuticals, extending human life and offering cures for illnesses both physical and mental. Others sprouted entire biomes, or rapidly expanded into Krakoan gates, through which anyone possessing an X-Gene could pass through and wind up on Krakoa.

    It was, truly, the dawning of a new age. The Dawn of X.

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    Xavier And Magneto Took On Nimrod In An Epic Brawl - And Lost Big-Time

    Thanks to the knowledge gleaned from Moira MacTaggert and her mutant ability to live multiple lives, the nation of Krakoa was founded with the knowledge that it would one day face an onslaught from the machines currently being designed to destroy them. The mutants had battled Sentinels on countless occasions before, but the development of Nimrod, the most powerful Sentinel imaginable, was thought to be an inevitably dark fate. Krakoa set out to do something about it.

    Through several incursions launched by Mystique and several members of X-Force against ORCHIS, Krakoa attempted to end the Nimrod program before the genocidal robot ever came online. In the end, however, they were unsuccessful, and Nimrod arose. Even worse, Nimrod managed to arrive right on time to catch Charles Xavier and Magneto alone, leading to an epic Inferno confrontation with a tragic ending.

    Standing back to back, Xavier and Magneto duked it out with multiple Nimrods and the time-traveling Omega Sentinel who had helped create him. Both Krakoan founders accessed previously untapped stores of power in the fight - with Xavier literally blowing Nimrod’s mechanical brains to pieces on the strength of a psychic blast - but it was all for naught. Xavier had his neck snapped, and Magneto got blasted to smithereens.

    Both would be successfully resurrected back at the Arbor Magna on Krakoa - minus a few hours' worth of vital memories. 

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    All The Big-Name X-Men Perished In A Single Early Krakoan Mission… But Not For Long

    Before the dream of Krakoa could be fully realized, tragedy struck. A mission to disrupt the solar-orbital sentinel-making station of anti-mutant extremist organization ORCHIS turned deadly, and an entire roster of notable X-Men perished in the effort.

    Archangel and Husk ate it in the initial crash-landing. Mystique got sucked out into the void of space. Monet St. Croix was beaten down. Cyclops got shot in the head. Jean Grey got blown up by Sentinels. Nightcrawler teleported Wolverine to the sun-side of the station, from whence it could be disabled, and both were burned to a crisp.

    It seemed as though the Krakoan Era was off to an inauspicious start. But then, something remarkable happened. Each and every one of those deceased mutants appeared again in Krakoa at a grand ceremony - naked, gooey, and good as new. The secret of how some of the nation’s most powerful mutants had escaped their demise would prove even more unexpected than their sudden demise and rebirth. 

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    The Scarlet Witch Orchestrated Her Own Demise So That Mutants Could Resurrect Those They Lost Before The Founding Of Krakoa

    The Hellfire Gala was a coming-out party for Krakoa as the preeminent power in the solar system, but it was closely followed by an apparent tragedy. The body of the Scarlet Witch was found in the party aftermath, and all signs were that she’d been slain by the man she once thought was her father, leading to the Trial of Magneto. Nothing, however, was as it seemed.

    In the end, it was revealed that Wanda Maximoff had orchestrated her own demise so as to gain magical access to the mutant resurrection machine and use her reality-altering abilities to give it a little boost. Through her actions, the Scarlet Witch allowed for mutants who had perished prior to the Krakoan Era to be brought back to life and provided a method for depowered mutants to be reborn without suffering the brutality of the Crucible.

    In doing so, Wanda hoped to at least partly make up for her one-time depowering of 98% of mutantkind - and she succeeded, becoming redeemed in the eyes of most Krakoans. Controversially, however, she and Magneto covered up their plot by framing Toad for the “murder,” resulting in Toad being sent to horrific exile in the Pit for his supposed deeds.

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    Cyclops, Jean Grey, And Wolverine Got Involved In A Throuple

    While there are plenty of wild and wonderful happenings on the surface of Krakoa, the stuff happening in the background is even juicier. Along with the dawning of a new society came a new set of societal rules - and a loosening of more traditional, human-centric modes of living. 

    All of which explains why Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Wolverine seem to have set their decades-long love triangle aside and just become a polyamorous throuple. 

    While the three-person relationship has yet to be explicitly confirmed, the signs are impossible to ignore. Jean Grey regularly hooks up with both Cyclops and Wolverine, and no one seems to mind much. Her room at the Summer House, a new mutant habitat on the moon, adjoins both Cyclops’s and Wolverine’s rooms on either side, complete with access doors to each. And these three might not be the only ones involved in such a progressive relationship. There are even hints that Emma Frost is involved in some way, carrying on her long-held on-again, off-again love affair with Scott Summers. 

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