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Disney Concept Art That's Way Different Than What Ended Up In The Movie

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It requires tons of creativity and hard work to bring an animated character to life, and the work all starts with concept art. While everyone knows first drafts are drafts for a reason, it’s always nice to look back and ponder upon how the beloved Disney characters would have looked like if the studio went forward with the initial concept. For instance, what if Ariel wasn’t a redhead? Or what if Belle wore a different colored dress for her famous dance scene? There are tons of Disney concept art that doesn't match the final product. There are tons of Disney concept art that doesn't match the final product, and it’s definitely something to keep in mind as you’re rewatching your favorite animated movies on Disney+.

Compiled here are side-by-side comparisons of concept art with the actual outcome that will give you a peek at what might have been. A quick glance at terrible superhero concept art will show you that it’s normal for the final results to look different from the initial sketch. However, when it comes to the characters of the best Disney animated movies and CGI films, they are so ingrained in the hearts of fans that it’s hard to imagine them looking any other way. Take a look below and vote up the weirdest Disney concept art.