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Eyeball Tattoos Make People Look Like They're Awesome Creatures All The Time

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If the eyes offer a window to the soul, then sclera tattoos are tinted windows. Scleral tattooing involves dyeing the sclera, or the whites of the eyes, and it's probably one of the worst places to get a tattoo. While not necessarily terrible-looking, colorful sclera tattoos do come with quite a bit of risk. One model ruined her eyes in a botched scleral tattoo procedure and now raises awareness about the dangers of this type of body modification. That being said, demonic sclera tattoos are clearly popular among many people, and thankfully not all their stories turned out as dismal as that poor model's.

These freaky eyeball tattoos, while a bit unnerving to look at, are far from the worst tattoos out there. Furthermore, the longer this trend goes on, and the more artists improve their scleral tattooing procedures, it could even become a mainstream trend. Before you know it, the Kardashians will flood your feed with pictures of themselves rocking dog collars, septum piercings, and some unique sclera tattoos.