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The 25 Most Psychedelic Fast Food Ads of All Time

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Most people view commercials as the lowest form of filmmaking, but if you can make something really strange while encouraging families to give all their hard-earned cash to a psychotic clown, or an old man in a linen suit, then you’ve made art, baby. There are a lot of different crazy fast food commercials out there, and the ads collected on this list are definitely some of the strangest, and most confusing, things you’ll ever see. Turn on your black lights and get ready to see the most psychedelic fast food ads ever created.

Whether they’re commercials, print ads, or billboards, the crazy fast food ads you’re about to experience will leave you scratching your head and rubbing your stomach. None of the commercials here are period specific, and if you put them in chronological order (have fun with that), you can see the progression of extreme weirdness throughout the history of fast food advertising. Doesn’t that sound fun? Check out these weird fast food ads and let us know which one made you want to spend your life savings on delicious cheeseburgers.

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    Family Takes Bath Salts, Stumbles Upon Broccoli-Themed Fast Food Restaurant

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    When the Burger King Tripped Down the K-Hole and Chased It with an Eight Ball

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    Sir Shakesalot Is Obviously a Crackhead and What About That Levitating Gorilla?

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    Dragon People Who Speak Like They Had a Laryngectomy

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