People Share Their Wildest, Most Unbelievable Funeral Stories

Funerals are occasions for solemnity and mourning, but everyone processes grief differently... at least, that's a nice way of describing how some people use such sacred events for tomfoolery and bedlam. Instead of reminiscing and contemplating the brevity life, certain guests go completely nuts. In fact, some funerals were so crazy that the funeral directors had to step in and calm everyone down. You wouldn't think that anyone would be so crass as to sing "Happy Birthday" during a funeral, but yes, at least one time somewhere, someone was so crass. And it just so happened that the birthday boy was not pleased.

Various Redditors have shared their ridiculous funeral stories, and some seem entirely farcical. Hopefully, when your time comes, there will at least be some order at your farewell service.

  • He Got Too Drunk At His Dad's Funeral And Then Kicked The Bucket Himself

    MadLintElf said:

    "Funeral in Ohio, one of the attendees had a drinking problem and showed up tipsy. Everyone expected it, and he paid his respects than sat down in a comfy chair and proceeded to fall asleep.

    Everyone just ignored him until the end of the session, his wife went to wake him up and he just slumped over and hit the floor. Apparently he had a heart attack and [had been] dead at least an hour.

    Kind of sad dying at your own father's funeral."

  • Only Stolen Tears For This Grim Granny's Funeral

    siege72a said:

    "My grandmother was an awful person who squandered any kindness or generosity given to her. Despite the room being full of family and acquaintances for her funeral, no one was terribly upset — certainly no tears were shed.

    It wasn't until the service that someone started mourning openly. A very elderly woman approached the coffin, and started wailing 'George! GEORGE!!!!' She was comforted/shushed by the person who brought her.

    I got the full story later. The elderly woman had severe dementia, and thought she was attending her late husband's funeral. My grandmother was so 'beloved' that the only tears at her funeral were for someone else entirely."

  • Sometimes It's Hard To Tell The Living Apart From The Dead

    Eicrad said:

    "My mom works in the funeral business. Sometimes I would come to work with her and help her set up the chapel for a service. One service in particular was of a little boy who drowned. His parents dressed his identical twin brother in the same outfit as him. Grief does sh*t to you."

  • The Ghosts Of Family Lore Will All Come Out At The Funeral

    runtotheriver said:

    "My grandfather was an identical twin. When gramps and our family walked into his brother's funeral, it became very clear, very quickly, that not all of the friends of the deceased knew this."

  • We Interrupt This Funeral For An Important Birthday Celebration

    FadeCrimson said:

    "About two weeks ago my grandpa's funeral happened to take place on my birthday.

    I wasn't too bitter about the date arrangement... That is, until my aunt announced in the middle of the funeral that we should all sing happy birthday to me.

    So to list it all out: dead grandpa in the room, everybody standing around teary eyed, funeral choir song just finished, and now everybody is being led by my crazy aunt in the most confused and out of place rendition of 'Happy Birthday' ever sung."

  • #RuralFuneralProblems

    Sandor17 said:

    "Showed up at the cemetery and there was a cow standing in the grave. Had to wait for them to get a winch and take the cow out before my great uncle could go in."