A Completely Unhinged Home Listing On Zillow Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Somewhere in Wisconsin, there is a listing for a family home that at first seems normal, but then, upon closer expectation, takes a turn for the weird. From the many, many signs that adorn every wall of the house, to the unexplained cake pops that appear in most rooms, to the random, slightly terrifying art, every aspect of the home seems to require some explanation. Over on Twitter, people demanded answers, but at the very least, got a few laughs. 

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Photo: Twitter / Twitter

  • It Seemed Like A Completely Normal, Somewhat Sane Real Estate Posting...At First

    Over on Zillow Gone Wild Twitter account, a real estate post was listed of the following:

    $420,000 - Onalaska, WI 

    4 bd, 3 ba - 3,600 square ft., 1.53 acres

    A nice house, in a nice place. It seems perfect, but…

    It is perfect though?

  • Upon Further Inspection, Small Details Began To Emerge

    The dozens of signs that hung throughout the house was just one of many red flags that something was amiss in “Poundtown.”

    Soon, folks began to find more issues….

  • By The Looks Of The Mud Room, It Looked Like 'Poundtown' Was Fully Occupied

  • Which Makes Sense As The Kitchen Could Also Sit 12...

  • Speaking Of The Kitchen, Some People Took Note Of The Microwave



    And that's when we learned that double wide microwaves were a thing:

  • Then Everyone's Attention Went To The 'Playroom'