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The Craziest and Most Awful Things That Have Happened at IKEA

Updated November 6, 2017 14.2k views21 items

IKEA has been on the block since 1943, but at some point in the '90s, its popularity exploded. Massive swaths of middle class urbanites flocked to its labyrinthian stores for the promise of sleek modern furniture and delicious meatballs of questionable origin. Even though the company has worked fastidiously to make themselves the brand of safety and ease, there are still crimes at IKEA that happen all the time -- and not even regular crimes like khaki theft or couch staining. This is a list of all the weird things that happened at IKEA.

For every couple innocently wandering in to buy a curiously-named bathroom utensil, there are ten legitimately crazy IKEA stories. If there isn’t someone getting stabbed in the kitchen aisle, there’s a 12-year-old hiding in office supplies or teens having sex in the warehouse. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the shop where you can buy a GODMORGON is a super weird place. From suicide and horse meat to pervs and Nazis, there are quite a few (figurative and real) skeletons in the IKEA closet (and even more in those big blue bags). You can read about them all on this list of mind blowing IKEA crimes.

  • Perv Films Upskirt Footage at IKEA

    Is nowhere safe from these creeps?! In 2016 one of the grossest trash monsters on the planet was caught in an IKEA with a camera strapped to his shoe (ew ew ew). After police arrested him, it turned out that he'd been taking secret footage of women for over a decade. Where's that meteor that killed the dinosaurs when you need it?
  • Toddler Chokes on Window Blinds

    In 2015 IKEA had to ban a set of window blinds when a toddler choked to death after getting caught in the blind's pull string. A public health advisor said: “We hope that other major retail stores will make the same promise as IKEA to stop selling window blinds with cords."
  • Woman Found Nearly Dead in IKEA Parking Lot

    In one of IKEA's massive parking structures in South Hampton, England, a woman with severe injuries was found by the local police. A representative for the officers said: "We found a woman with serious injuries who later died. We are still on the scene investigating the circumstances of her death." It is believed that the death was treated as a suicide. 
  • Teens in Red Hook Have Sex Behind IKEA

    In 2012 IKEA workers discovered that the shipping crates behind their Brooklyn store were being used as rockin' sex pads by local teens. One 16-year-old told DNAInfo: "There are lights that are purple and blue and change color. It’s beautiful, like a wedding thing." You know, like all of those weddings that are soaked in purple and blue lights that take place in shipping crates.