The Craziest and Most Awful Things That Have Happened at IKEA

IKEA has been on the block since 1943, but at some point in the '90s, its popularity exploded. Massive swaths of middle class urbanites flocked to its labyrinthian stores for the promise of sleek modern furniture and delicious meatballs of questionable origin. Even though the company has worked fastidiously to make themselves the brand of safety and ease, there are still crimes at IKEA that happen all the time -- and not even regular crimes like khaki theft or couch staining. This is a list of all the weird things that happened at IKEA.

For every couple innocently wandering in to buy a curiously-named bathroom utensil, there are ten legitimately crazy IKEA stories. If there isn’t someone getting stabbed in the kitchen aisle, there’s a 12-year-old hiding in office supplies or teens having sex in the warehouse. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the shop where you can buy a GODMORGON is a super weird place. From suicide and horse meat to pervs and Nazis, there are quite a few (figurative and real) skeletons in the IKEA closet (and even more in those big blue bags). You can read about them all on this list of mind blowing IKEA crimes.