People Are Sharing The Wildest Job Rejections They've Received And It's Both Funny And Infuriating

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It wouldn't be a stretch to say that most rejections are hard pills to swallow, and professional rejections aren't any different. However, some hurt more than others, and these people are hurting most of all. From getting rejection emails filled with fried chicken puns to companies failing to read the room by giving a misguided sense of inspiration, these are some of the wildest job rejections that people have received, and we can't tell whether to laugh or groan. Enjoy!

  • 1. Terrible

    Photo: u/Gatzenberg / Reddit
    275 votes
  • 2. Facts

    Photo: u/unmillon / Reddit
    201 votes
  • 3. He Has A PhD In Mathematics

    He Has A PhD In Mathematics
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    203 votes
  • 4. Cluckin' Delighted

    Cluckin' Delighted
    Photo: @spiceslag / Twitter
    183 votes
  • 5. It's Brutal Out Here

    It's Brutal Out Here
    Photo: @marlovincent / Twitter
    218 votes
  • 6. Ironic

    Photo: u/_gabumon / Reddit
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