Wild Stories From The Life Of Kate Moss, The Biggest Supermodel Of The '90s

Kate Moss is one of the world’s most influential supermodels, becoming the face of '90s "heroin chic." As her name is attached to that fashion movement, Kate Moss is also implicitly tied to the idea of excessive partying. Kate Moss nearly derailed her career on more than a few occasions because of her drug and alcohol use; it also certainly didn’t help that she was involved with some of the biggest bad boys of the decade.

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty - the notoriously hard-partying frontman of the Libertines and Babyshambles - were an item for a few years. Before that, she had a volatile relationship with Johnny Depp, which nearly sent her over the edge. Despite all the excess, she’s managed to get it together and her career is still going strong - with a bit of partying here and there for good measure.

  • She Earned The Nickname 'The Tank' For Her Hard-Partying Ways
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    She Earned The Nickname 'The Tank' For Her Hard-Partying Ways

    In 1996, as Kate Moss’s relationship with actor Johnny Depp started to unravel, Moss’s substance use started spiraling out of control. Maureen Callahan’s 2014 book, Champagne Supernovas, explains how Depp was becoming tired of Moss's party-girl image and wanted to slow down.

    In spite of Depp's wishes, Moss showed no signs of dialing back. According to the New York Post:

    In one sitting, [Moss] could snort three grams of coke and drink a bottle of vodka, which doctors said was the best liquor for preserving her looks: she put the stuff away so hard and fast that her nickname was "the Tank."

  • Her Relationship With Johnny Depp Was Marked By Excess And Public Strife
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    Her Relationship With Johnny Depp Was Marked By Excess And Public Strife

    Moss’s relationship with Johnny Depp grew self-destructive, and was marked by excessive drug and alcohol use, the destruction of uncountable hotel rooms that at one point led to Depp's arrest, and very public brawls. The celebrities were known as the “chicest, druggiest couple in LA.”

    But whereas Depp seemed nonchalant about the relationship, Moss was described as being obsessive. According to accounts from a friend of the couple at the time, “She’d phone Depp all the time, on sets, in hotels." Allegedly, her concern was not about his health but about their being separated from each other.

    When the relationship ended in 1998, it set Moss on a downward spiral.

  • She Welcomed Her 30s With An Extravagant Party

    Despite having a young daughter, Moss continued living life recklessly into her 30s. For her 30th, she hosted a Beautiful and the Damned-themed birthday party, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s tale of opulence and destruction. A plethora of famous celebrities and models attended the event.

    According to sources, the festivities grew so scandalous that Gwyneth Paltrow fled the party. At the after-party, a friend claimed there was an orgy going on in one of the main rooms, and Moss was all for it.

    It was said that after her escapades in the bedroom at the after-party, she continued talking to guests as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened - and most of the guests didn't seem fazed by her behavior. 

  • Her Calvin Klein Photo Shoot Caused Her To Have A Nervous Breakdown

    Kate Moss's topless Calvin Klein photoshoot with Mark Wahlberg not only launched her career but also is rumored to have saved the fashion house. However, according to Moss, it was an incredibly traumatizing shoot for the young model. She claimed she had a nervous breakdown as a result. 

    “It didn’t feel like me at all,” Moss said. “I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks.”

    According to accounts, Wahlberg was not very understanding of Moss's emotional state at the shoot. He reportedly said he wasn’t attracted to Moss and that she looked like his nephew. 

  • Moss Allegedly Became Involved With Sadie Frost And Her Then-Husband Jude Law

    After Moss’s breakup with Johnny Depp in 1998, she started spending time with a UK-based circle of famous friends that was called “the Primrose Hill Set.” Jude Law and his ex-wife, Sadie Frost, were at the center of this clique. According to speculation, as outlined in Maureen Callahan’s book, Sadie and Moss started a sexual relationship. 

    When Sadie told her husband that she was sleeping with Moss, "he became excited by it; the three became entangled." While all three were sleeping together, an anonymous friend and source for Callahan’s book, Champagne Supernovas, said that Sadie had started to fall in love with Moss.

    "They all partied together, slept together," said an unnamed source. "It was a very soulless life they led."

    According to Callahan, "Kate [Moss] often slept with her friends’ boyfriends, and actress Patsy Kensit forbade then-husband Liam Gallagher from being alone with Kate after learning they’d spent the night together."

  • During One Of Her Rehab Stints, She Lit Her Room On Fire
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    During One Of Her Rehab Stints, She Lit Her Room On Fire

    After Moss’s breakup with Johnny Depp, she entered London’s Priory clinic for the first time. Yet her time in rehab couldn't be considered rehabilitative. During her stay, she even accidentally set her room on fire when a candle got too close to a scarf.

    After rehab, she was quickly back to using  substances. Shortly after being released from rehab, she later jokingly said to a friend while ordering a drink, “What did I learn in rehab? A lot about alcohol.”

    After the 2005 Daily Mail cocaine bust, Moss booked another rehab stay at the Meadows Clinic in Arizona.