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Wild Stories From The Life Of Kate Moss, The Biggest Supermodel Of The '90s

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Kate Moss is one of the world’s most influential supermodels, becoming the face of ‘90s “heroin chic.” As her name is attached to that fashion movement, Kate Moss is also implicitly tied to the idea of excessive partying. Kate Moss nearly derailed her career on more than a few occasions because of her drug and alcohol use; it also certainly didn’t help that she was involved with some of the biggest bad boys of the decade.

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty - the notoriously hard-partying front man of the Libertines and Babyshambles - were an item for a few years. Before that, she had an extremely volatile relationship with Johnny Depp, which nearly sent her over the edge. Despite all the excess, she’s managed to get it together and her career is still going strong - with a bit of partying here and there for good measure.

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