Chauffeurs And Limo Drivers Describe The Most Ridiculous Things They’ve Seen While Driving People

If you drive people around for a living, especially as a limo driver or a chauffeur, you see all sorts of outrageous situations. Stories from limo drivers and chauffeurs vary in tone from wildly entertaining to quite shocking, because different people act out in different ways when they have money to burn. Since they interact with the same people most maids and housekeepers work for, limousine workers and personal drivers witness many of the same ridiculous and out-of-touch behaviors one typically associates with the rich and famous.

Wild chauffeur stories involve getaways, illicit activities, and even a few celebrity sightings all worth reading about - which many a driver have happily shared on Reddit. And what might otherwise be a bumpy ride gets a little extra cushion thanks to the funds involved.

Limo drivers and chauffeurs see a lot of strange stuff - things not even the partition can hide.