• Graveyard Shift

Convenience Store Workers Describe The Craziest Things They've Witnessed

Convenience stores aren't just the ultimate hubs for late night ice cream, gasoline, and Slim Jims. According to certain employees on Reddit, these mini marts and gas stations are also hotbeds for crime and sketchy characters, especially once nighttime approaches. Typical customers might just fill up their tanks and chat idly with the workers counting out their change, but other people are slightly more nefarious at local convenience stores.

Like awful restaurant customers, these unwelcome visitors steal food and drinks, release bodily fluids in inappropriate places, and even enact bodily harm on themselves and others. If you've ever considered a job at the 7-Eleven around the corner, be prepared.

  • These Men In Trench Coats Were Getting Ready To Murder

    From Redditor /u/rufrignkidnme

    When I was working my way through college as an undergrad, I worked as a clerk at a jr food mart/gas station. One night around 2 am, four guys wearing various shades of dark trench coats come in and start pacing the joint.

    One walks up to the counter and asks for a phone book and as he look through it, [he] asks me if I know someone and says the name. I don't cause I'm getting a weird vibe from all four of them. They are there for a bit asking questions about this guy and the area then finally leave. As the last one walks out the door, the video security tape shows me turning around looking at the camera and saying, "I thought those guys were gonna just start shooting."

    The next day, I'm watching the news and I hear the anchor say the name of the person these guys were asking about. He had been murdered about 30 minutes after those guys left the store. His wife and two children and himself got shot up with mac 10s and only one of his daughters escaped by hiding in the attic.

    I called the police and told them I might have something related to the shooting and my manager gave them the tape to an officer the next day.

    Three months later, I had to go to the trial and testify against them and had to watch the tape with me saying that to the camera.

  • A Woman Pistol-Whipped Her Abusive Boyfriend

    From Redditor /u/the_real_lemur:

    Methy... couple. It was around 3:30 am, and the man came in first. Covered in scabs head to toe, he made a beeline for the bathroom.

    A skinny girl, no more than a hundred pounds and also covered in scabs enters, screaming, not even a moment later. I shyly point to the bathroom...

    She proceeds to go in and pistol-whip the dude until he's unconscious and bleeding on my nice clean floor. Was really nice to me, but I had to call the cops. Turns out he beat her the night before, and her brother gave her the gun to kill him. She saw fit to instead whoop his [behind] so hard he'll never hit anyone again.

  • A Man Let Coffee Spill All Over The Floor And Laughed

    From Redditor /u/obeyyourbrain:

    Tweaker dance walks through the door. The coffee machine catches his eyes. He walks up to each urn, dancing in place and opening the spigot letting coffee fall onto the counter. This is f*cking fascinating to him. One by one, dances, pulls spigot, marvels at coffee. Giggles.

    Another night, tweaker tries to steal something, I call him out on it and he goes f*cking berserk. Flailing arms screaming at the top of his lungs that he has money and doesn't need to steal. His movements are so violent, the merchandise falls out of his back pocket. I point to it. He tells me to go f*ck myself and storms out the door. Whew, at least that's over...

    Wrong. Two hours later he storms back through the door rubbing his head screaming, "IS MY HEAD LEAKING, BRO?! AM I LEAKING?!"

  • One Customer Simultaneously Emptied And Filled His Respective Tanks

    From Redditor /u/Loharo

    I'm working the Friday night, it's around 2 am. A truck pulls up to the pumps and two guys get out both in late 40s early 50s, one starts to fill up and the other comes into the store, we'll call them Guy A and [Guy] B.

    Guy B is noticeably intoxicated, goes off on a usual spiel about how it must suck to work nights and he feels bad for me yadda yadda, whatever. I'm just waiting for Guy A to finish pumping so Guy B will pay and leave. Suddenly I get a beep on the intercom from Guy A pressing the help button.

    "Hello sir, what can I help you with?"

    "Would you be mad if I took a piss right here?"

    I'm dumbstruck, and Guy B starts laughing his [bum] off, telling him not to do it (which he can't hear because it's a hold to talk system) I tell Guy A that we have a washroom inside that he's more than welcome to use.

    "Nah I'd rather just do it here."

    He does it there.

    Guy B suddenly thinks it's not as funny anymore and starts acting like a drunk guy at a party with the "oh I'm so sorry" "he's not usually like this." "You're a good guy bro." He then asks if I want him to go knock out his cousin, which I turn down because I don't need to deal with that too. He's pretty insistent and I end up having to console him that it's alright that his cousin is currently urinating on my pump.

    Eventually Guy A is done filling up (and emptying) the tank and gets in. Guy B pays and leaves, and they tear out of my lot. Naturally I called the police with their license plate and direction.