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The Wildest Doctor Strange Variants From Across The Marvel Multiverse

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The mere existence of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness begs the question: Who is your favorite alternate Doctor Strange from the pages of Marvel Comics? After all, Marvel seemingly introduces new Earths of the Multiverse with each passing year, and Strange has been around since the 1960s. Therefore, there are so many different versions of Doctor Strange out there, it has become difficult to keep count.

Thankfully, we've done the legwork to find some of the best versions of Doctor Strange out there. Like Crocktor Strange, the crocodile variant that rubs elbows with Spider-Ham. Or Sir Doctor Stephen Strange of Marvel: 1602, who served as Queen Elizabeth I's personal physician. Or Zombie Doctor Strange who's, you know, a zombie. So, scroll on down and vote up the strangest Stranges that ever stranged.

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    Zombie Doctor Strange (From Earth-2149)

    Talk about self-explanatory. Who is Zombie Doctor Strange? Well... he is a Doctor Strange who also happens to be a zombie. It's not exactly rocket science, is it? Anyone who has paid attention to the entertainment scene over the past decade or so knows zombie media makes big bucks. So, when it was time for Marvel to get in on the act, it went to the granddaddy of the zombie boom: The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman. He didn't disappoint.

    It's a bit of a kick to see all your favorite superheroes in zombified form. And, unlike the zombies of other horror media, the superhero zombies of Marvel Zombies retain their intelligence. There are few things more terrifying than a Sorcerer Supreme who wants nothing more than to chow down on your brain. Sure, maybe a zombie Hulk is worse, but a magical zombie wizard is a close second!

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    Croctor Strange (From Earth-8311)

    Any comic book fan worth their weight in salt loves a great naming pun. "Spider-Ham." "Harley Quinn." Heck, even escape artist extraordinaire Mister Miracle's alter-ego has the fantastic name of "Scott Free." It is with all this in mind that we come to the fantastically named "Croctor Strange."

    He is the exact same as Earth-616's Doctor Strange, except for the fact that he's an anthropomorphic crocodile. He's even got the white streak in his hair and an adorable little mustache to boot! There isn't much more to say about this adorable Sorcerer Supreme. He just rocks. Someone at Marvel Studios needs to get Croctor Strange into the MCU, stat. Eat your heart out, Alligator Loki. 

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    Venom Doctor Strange (From Earth-22249)

    No matter how mediocre Sony's attempts at bringing Venom to the big screen end up being, the character's profile does nothing but continue to rise in the pages of Marvel Comics. Say what you want about the Venom movies, but the box office seemingly doesn't lie. Comic book fans can't get enough of the symbiote, and Marvel certainly keeps obliging with various Venom and Carnage-related events and crossovers. 

    For example, Venomverse and the various tie-ins like Edge of Venomverse gave comic book readers more symbiotes than you can shake a stick at. You like Venom? How about an entire team of symbiotic heroes? We've got venomized Rocket Raccoon, we've got venomized Ant-Man, we've got venomized Wolverine. Most importantly, we have a venomized Doctor Strange who brought them all together under the banner of the "Resistance" to fight an enemy known as the "Poisons." That's just the beginning of the first Venomverse issue!

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    Stephen Strange (From Earth-8101)

    Of course there is an entire Marvel universe filled with primate versions of your favorite superheroes. Why wouldn't there be? The Marvel Apes limited series came out in late 2008, with numerous other returns to Earth-8101 being released in the years that followed. The various heroes of this universe even fought against the undead horde of Marvel Zombies in Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution #1. That is the kind of multiverse insanity everyone should be able to get behind.

    This brings us to the "Fantastic Four 2099" of Earth-8101. One glorious panel is all we have ever gotten of this superteam, but look at them! Why is the Fantastic Four of this universe made up of Jean Grey, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and Nicole Furry? Why not? Do you not want to see a primate Doctor Strange as a member of the Fantastic Four? It's pure insanity.