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The Wildest Moments On 'The Osbournes'  

Donn Saylor
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Long before the Kardashians built an empire, before the Real Housewives became inescapable GIFs, before Jersey Shore's castmates became pop culture icons, Ozzy Osbourne's family showed the world how to make reality television. As this list of the wildest moments from MTV's The Osbournes demonstrates, the family emerged as the original reality TV badasses against which all reality stars would - and should - be measured. Sharon, with her potty mouth and daffy mother hen sensibilities, provided a precursor to Lisa Vanderpump. Kelly's blunt opinions and wicked sense of humor set the stage for bratty behavior on Love Island and Jersey Shore. But, arguably, the centerpiece of the show - and the source of The Osbournes's wildest, craziest, most WTF moments - is Ozzy himself. Even when the camera focused solely on Ozzy, it was hard to tell if he was ever fully present, and this laid the groundwork for truly unforgettable scenes.

After revisiting some of the funniest, nuttiest, and most scandalous scenes from The Osbournes, it's easy to see how they paved the way for all the reality TV families the world has come to know and love.

Ozzy Mixes Alcohol With His Pain Meds
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Ozzy deals with the effects of a painful foot injury in the Season 1 Thanksgiving episode, "Get Stuffed." After being prescribed painkillers, Osbourne unwisely (but hilariously) mixes them with alcohol. At one point, he takes the dog for a walk and wanders off... singing.

"He's stoned," Sharon says to Jack. "Could you - is he singing?" Not surprisingly, Thanksgiving proves to be a bust.

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Ozzy Gets Confused… At The Phone Ringing
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Ozzy was never very good at technology. He's baffled by even the most rudimentary gadgets. But he takes it to a whole new level when he becomes startled and confused by the phone ringing. He's in the midst of trying to figure out the new remote control, and the phone throws him for a loop.

"What the f*ck is that?" he asks. He proceeds to hunt around the house, following the sound of the phone, completely stumped. When he finally finds it, he doesn't know how to answer it.

Classic Ozzy.

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Ozzy Recounts The Time A Chimp Attacked Him
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In one episode of The Osbournes, Ozzy tells Jack the story of how Sharon once tried to get him to pose with a chimpanzee. The chimp wasn't exactly cooperative, and Ozzy's rambling, barely-coherent retelling makes the situation sound hilarious.

Ozzy recounts Sharon's efforts to persuade him to hold the visibly angry chimp, to which he replies, "You stand there like a c*nt and let these f*cking things kill ya! You can f*ck off!" Naturally, what would likely be a terrifying experience for regular people is merely another funny incident in the life of Ozzy Osbourne.

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Jack Hears His Parents Talk About Sex On The Radio
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In Season 1, episode 3 of The Osbournes, Jack listens to his parents give an interview on the radio, and things quickly enter TMI territory. Ozzy talks about how he takes a lot of Viagra and gets... excited... at inopportune moments, like when Sharon sleeps.

Jack becomes visibly embarrassed, as any kid would be, but this early moment in the show sets the stage for how uncomfortably intimate things would get.

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