All The Things You Have To Agree To Before Appearing On These Reality TV Shows

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If you think what you see on reality television is crazy, just imagine all the craziness you're not seeing behind the scenes. When the Lifetime scripted show UnReal aired in 2016, the internet was abuzz with whether or not the crazy (and often shady) shenanigans of behind-the-scenes production life are really how things go down when making reality television. And while the scripted cable show might be exaggerating somewhat, there are some wild and wacky things that go into the making of reality television, no matter what network it's on or who's in charge. The casting process, specifically, involves some ridiculous rules and eligibility requirements, and what you have to agree to before appearing on a reality show can be truly mind-boggling. Once you learn just what makes these programs tick, you may view the entire show much differently.

But one thing is certain: all the bizarre rules for appearing on TV try to ensure that viewers get the most entertaining experience possible. All those reality television stars you love, or hate, or love to hate had to agree to some outlandish terms in order to make their dreams of fame and fortune a reality. The things people go along with just to get on television illustrate what seems to be the universal desire for 15 minutes in the spotlight and the chance to be a part of popular culture.

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