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The Craziest Stories And Moments From The 'Star Wars' Legends Continuity

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For over 40 years, the Star Wars franchise has been providing fans with a nearly endless amount of entertainment - and the movies are only a small fraction of it. Ever since the 1978 publication of Splinter of the Mind's EyeStar Wars has been churning out books, comics, video games, and various other media that have expanded on the films. This content came to be known as the "Expanded Universe," and it filled in the gaps before, after, and in between the original trilogy. If you ever had questions like, "What did Darth Vader get up to between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back?" or "Did Han and Leia get married after Return of the Jedi?" the Expanded Universe filled you in. 

But when Disney purchased Lucasfilmthe company made the decision to reclassify almost everything from the Expanded Universe. Suddenly, everything published before April 2014 was now known as the "Legends" timeline. More importantly, the Legends timeline was no longer considered canon. 

This move was controversial because it invalidated some all-time classics, like Timothy Zahn's Admiral Thrawn Trilogy. On the other hand, some stories from the EU were so outlandish and unlike Star Wars that, in their case, the decision was probably a good thing. 

Even though the Legends timeline isn't officially part of Star Wars, it's still worth remembering, for better and for worse. Here are some of the wildest stories and moments from the Star Wars Legends timeline that fans either love or would rather forget, depending on whom you ask.