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Steven Tyler seems to live his life by one motto: "Anything worth doing was worth overdoing." There are few lead singers who took the adage sex, drugs, and Rock n’ Roll more literally than the Aerosmith frontman. From all the Steven Tyler groupies to the millions of dollars spent on cocaine and endless tours filled with hedonistic insanity from the first date to the last, here's a compendium of crazy stories about Steven Tyler.

Just how nasty and weird is the man who sang that song from Armageddon that made you want to drink bleach? In 1975, Tyler, who was 27, convinced a 14-year-old girl’s parents to sign over guardianship of their daughter to him. So began the three-year relationship of Steven Tyler and Julia Holcomb. If a 27 year old dating a 14 year old doesn't seem that bad to you, there are several more gross Steven Tyler stories on this list that may shock you.

Aerosmith has been around longer than 40 years, and is one of the best-selling American rock bands of all time, having shifted more than 150 million albums worldwide. Like any band that lasts that long, Aerosmith has had peaks and valleys, and sordid tales to tell. Read on for weird as hell Steven Tyler stories you probably don't even want to know.

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He And Joe Perry Got Crabs Together During A Four Way

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Tyler and Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry have toured the world together since 1970. According to Tyler's 2012 memoir, they've had the opportunity to share many intimate moments, such as when they got an STD together while going rod-to-bush on a pair of louse-crusted bed rats. 

“I remember one night on the road when Joe and I were sharing a bed with two girls and woke up in the morning with a seafood blue plate special… Crabs for everybody!” Cool!

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He Did So Many Drugs He Forgot His Own Songs, Then Suggested Aerosmith Cover Them

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In 1984, the original members of Aerosmith convened for a reunion tour after a few years of inactivity. The guys were all so high and drunk during rehearsal they had trouble remembering how to play their own songs. Unsurprisingly, Tyler won the gold medal at these drug-addled-brain Olympics. 

One night, the band was hanging out at a famous Boston DJ's apartment while he spun records for them. Over the music, Tyler said "Hey, [this song is] great. We should cover it. Who is it?"

Guitarist Joe Perry replied, "It's us, f*ckhead." 

The song was "You See Me Crying" from Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic, which Tyler had completely forgotten. 

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He Allegedly Stole $2000 From Gangsters, Which Resulted In A Mexican Stand Off With Two Guns And A Massive Sword

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Joe Perry got into the tell-all game with his 2014 memoir, Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith. According to Perry, Tyler had a penchant for kleptomania in the old days, and the band once lost a gig because Tyler allegedly stole a slide projector.

Another time, three gangsters with guns accused Tyler of swiping $2,000 from suitcase. As Perry writes the scene, after accusations of Tyler's theft:

"'There wasn't any money, just some nasty clothes and a little pot.'

'There was a lot of f*ckin' money,' the gun totting gangster insisted. 'There was two thousand bucks. And you took it.'

'I didn't.'

'Look, you hippie assh*le, lying is as good as dying. I'd just as soon kill you as look at you. Keep lying and you're dead' ... 

I was thinking 'this sh*t could end really badly' when [the band's friend] Gary Cabozzi came running through the apartment wielding an enormous sword. Seeing what was coming at him, the second gangster pulled out his gun...

'You got two seconds to shoot me,' said Gary, his eyes shining with murderous rage, 'before I'm on you like stink on sh*t. You better f*ck me up before I f*ck you up - and do it quick, because the cops are on their way.'

The gangsters backed down. Cabozzi had won the day. He said that twenty years later he learned that it was Steven who took the money."

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He Estimates He Spent About $6 Million On Cocaine

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Steven Tyler has spent more money on blow than most people will make over the course of their life. In his 2012 memoir, he claims he spent around $6 million on his nasal tryst with la dulce madre cocainia.

When asked to confirm that astronomical number during an interview with Australia's 60 Minutes, he said "Realistically, five or six [million]. But it doesn't matter. You also could say I snorted half of Peru, but it doesn't matter."

As it turns out, Peru is one of the world's top cocaine producers, making Tyler's claim highly dubious. 

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