Weird History

Silent Film Stunts Are So Insane You'll Think You're Watching CGI  

Mick Jacobs

Silent films - they really don't do anything quite like those anymore. The rapid sequence of images, dialogue boxes, and of course, wild stunts are almost like something out of Jackass. Even if you consider silent films "amateur," you cannot say the same about the silent film stunts in the video below.

Much of the humor and entertainment from the silent era stems from slapstick scenarios, with actors tripping, slipping, and falling into all sorts of hilarity. To film these shots, actors put themselves in situations that would shut a production down today.

CGI still lay a couple generations away, so productions needed to be clever and bold, with danger as a secondary concern. When you see a person in a silent film dangling between two train cars, that's likely not created through visual effects.

Watch the video below to witness the shockingly stunt-filled world of silent film. The productions may be primitive in premise and set design, but back then actors tended to do all their own stunts.