11 Of The Craziest, Most Inexplicable Things Scarlet Witch Has Ever Done

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Scarlet Witch is a force to be reckoned with. While other Marvel characters such as Captain America and Iron Man are considered the heaviest hitters due to their movies, the truth is that Wanda Maximoff is arguably the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. The number of crazy things Scarlet Witch has done in the comics transcends beyond hero or villain, putting her into a near-god category.

Scarlet Witch often uses her reality-bending abilities to bring order among the chaos. However, many Scarlet Witch plotlines in the comics showcase how dangerous she can be. Then there are the plotlines which she's just crazy in general. Here is a taste of some of craziest, most batsh*t things Scarlet Witch has done in Marvel comics.

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    She Wiped Out An Entire Population With Three Words—"No More Mutants."

    Three simple words changed the entire Marvel Universe. In 2008's House of M story arc, Scarlet Witch simply uttered "no more mutants" and nearly the entire world's population of mutants vanished. Aside from a couple hundred X-folks, all the mutants on Earth were de-powered. It's the first time a genocide occurred without any mass deaths being involved.

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    She Warped Reality To Give Everyone The Life They Desired

    During Marvel's House of M event, Wanda did the impossible. She gave everyone the life that they wanted. Mutants weren't persecuted but praised for their genetic powers. Peter Parker was a rich celebrity with a full family life. Captain America was never frozen and lived the years he was supposed to live through. But it was all a lie. This entire story arc showcases how god-like Wanda can be since she altered the entire reality of Earth itself with her mind.

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    She Took Out The Phoenix, Which Contained Five Of The Most Powerful Mutants In History

    Times were desperate in Avengers vs. X-Men, when the Phoenix Force contained five of the most powerful mutants on the planet. In order to stop the cosmic Phoenix, Scarlet Witch teamed up with the possible savior mutant Hope to take out the unbalanced entity that empowered the already powerful Namor, Magik, Colossus, Emma Frost, and Cyclops. Think of how powerful Wanda must be if she could take out the Phoenix, an entity so powerful that it eradicates entire planets.

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    She Killed Several Avengers In An Attempt To Dismantle The Team

    Things stop  making sense in the Marvel Universe and start getting deadly in Avengers: Disassembled. Jack of Hearts, the Vision, Scott Lang, and Hawkeye are killed in various odd circumstances. She-Hulk goes crazy, Iron Man appears drunk despite being sober, and all kinds of nuttiness is tearing the Avengers apart. It's revealed that all of this chaos is due to the unhinged Scarlet Witch constantly changing reality to dismantle the Avengers. While she was ultimately subdued, her plan worked. She successfully broke up "Earth's Mightiest Heroes"... well, temporarily

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    She Killed Her Mentor—But Her Mother Helped Bring Her Back To Life

    Agatha Harkness was a great friend and mentor to Wanda, teaching her how to control and channel her highly unstable powers. But that relationship couldn't rival the bond Wanda had with her twin sons, whose souls were, unbeknownst to her, actually part of the demon Mephisto. Mephisto eventually abosorbed the boys, leaving Wanda heartbroken. Agatha then wiped every trace of the boys from Wanda's memory to shield her from the grief.

    Agatha thought she was just helping a friend, but when Wanda found out what she did in Avengers: Disassembled, she was enraged and killed her longtime teacher. In the solo Scarlet Witch title, Wanda's mother, the original Scarlet Witch, sacrifices her soul to help save witchcraft (which is different than magic) and bring back Agatha Harkness from the dead.

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    She Killed Hawkeye, Resurrected Him, And Then Had Sex With Him

    Because of her reality-bending powers, Scarlet Witch was technically responsible for the death of Hawkeye in Avengers: Disassembled. Later, she tried to make it right by bringing him back to life after the events of House of M. Hawkeye, after taking some time to recover from the mindf*ck of it all, finds Wanda at Wundagore Mountain in New Avengers #26.

    However, Hawkeye quickly realizes she has no memory of her past. So, obviously, they have sex. Hawkeye then quietly exits, letting Wanda be at peace. Sure, it was later retconned that Hawkeye nocked his arrow into a Doombot posing as Wanda instead of the real Scarlet Witch, but the whole thing is still really f*cked up.

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