15 Veterinarians Share Their Wildest Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Vets and pet owners: vote up the worst stories you don't want to repeat.

Veterinarians see a lot in a single day, so they are the best people to come to when you're wondering how to avoid making wild pet owner mistakes. Check out these wild veterinarian stories and vote up the stories you don't want to repeat.

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    A Dog Owner Asked To Be Locked Inside The Cage With Their Dog Over Night

    From Redditor u/Brussell13:

    My dad was a vet for over 40 years, I practically grew up in the clinic we owned.

    My dad told me a story of an over-attached pet owner who wanted to stay with their pet for the surgery recovery. They keep animals 24-48 hours after performing surgeries. When he explained to the owner that they can't leave a stranger in their business overnight, the person asked to be locked inside the cage with the animal overnight.

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    A Dog Owner Had Never Seen Her Dog's Butt Before

    From Redditor u/mooshmooshs:

    During my final year of vet school on our emergency rotation, we got a page for triage for "cut above rectum". My job was to go check the dog over and see how quickly it needed to be seen.

    So I'm talking to the owner about what's going on and she says that she happened to be looking at the dog's rear end and noticed that he had a large, open cut. I go to take a closer look, lift up the dog's tail, and can't see anything out of the ordinary. I ask where the cut is again and she says right under his tail. Again, I can't see anything wrong. Finally, I point to the dog's butt hole and say, "Is this what you noticed?" "Yes! That's it!" I pause for a moment and say "Well...that's his anus ma'am. And it looks completely normal to me."

    Thankfully the owner had a great sense of humor. She had owned this dog for 7 years and as she said had just never taken that close of a look.

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    A Cat Owner Didn't Know Male Kittens Have Nipples

    From Redditor u/alekivz:

    Prior vet tech:

    “Boy kittens have nipples too?” (Found out 3 out of 5 kittens were not female like she stated. Also didn’t know how to get them to make bowel movements, they were fine in the end and she was excellent at learning what was best for the kittens!)

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    A Dog Owner Was Putting Oral Medication In Their Dog's Ears

    From Redditor u/AaronianKenrod:

    My ex was a vet - she was once told the dog’s ear medication wasn’t working, then discovered the owners were putting the tablets in its ears.

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    A Cat Owner Thought Their Cat Arching Their Back Was "Spinal Disease"

    From Redditor u/acartoontiger:

    The stupidest thing has to be a question that a client asked during her cat's exam...

    I was examining the cat and scratched his back to make him comfortable/happy and he raised up his butt as cats do. The owner got really concerned and asked if the cat had spinal disease because he raised his butt when I scratched him...

    They were totally serious.

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    A Dog Owner Thought Their Dog Couldn't Get Pregnant Because She Had Her Nipples Removed

    From Redditor u/Chonays:

    Not a vet but worked for one for quite a few years. Watched the vet spend probably 20 minutes explaining to a lady that her older dog could still get pregnant by the new pup she had gotten so she needed to neuter or spay one. The lady was convinced it couldn't happen because the female dog had her nipples removed due to some cancerous tumors. I basically watched the vet explain how babies are made into a fully grown adults.

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