The 13 Worst Natural Disasters in Comic Book History

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Villains take the cake when it comes to their ability to induce fear in comics. But just because they cause most of the death and destruction doesn't mean they have the monopoly. As it turns out, wild weather in comics has played an important role in many comics through history, destroying cities, aiding heroes and villains alike, and causing all kinds of problems for comic book characters. From weather manipulation to unavoidable natural disasters and battles with space creatures, there have been some great examples of weather in comics as scary as any villain. 

Some storms seemed minor but caused major changes, either by introducing us to characters like Captain America or helping kill characters off. There were storms that came across as metaphorical, standing for inner unrest or showcasing a character’s strengths and then there were the storms that just flat out ruined entire cities. Keep reading to see examples of the craziest weather in comics. 

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    The Ultimatum Wave Kills Millions Including Some Key Heroes

    In graphic novel Ultimatum, Magneto gets a hold of Thor's hammer and uses it to flood the streets of New York City with the most ferocious tidal wave ever. In the wake of this disaster, several key comic characters die. Among the dead are Cyclops, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Professor X, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, the list really does go on and on. Ironically, even Magneto himself died from the aftermath of the disaster. 

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    The Midgard Serpent Takes His Wrath Out on Earth

    In a battle with Thor - who just happens to be the God of Thunder - the Midgard Serpent shows that he possesses some pretty powerful weather manipulation skills, too. The duel takes a devastating toll on the planet, with earthquakes, tidal waves and mass weather-related disasters bringing the planet, and New York in particular, within a hair of complete annihilation. 

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    Storm Sends Her Enemies Into Outer Space Via a Magnetic Cyclone

    In terms of weather manipulation, X-Men vigilante Storm leads the pack. Her powers get a mega boost once she starts using her imagination and taps into Earth's magnetic field. Here we see her hurling cyborg puppets into the depths of outer space using her very own cyclone. 

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    Weather Wizard Implants Tornadoes in People's Stomachs

    Weather Wizard Implants Tornadoes in People's Stomachs
    Photo: DC Comics

    Talk about stomach turning! Weather Wizard takes the idea of a storm raging inside quite literally. He is known to cause inner turmoil by placing tornadoes inside of his enemy's stomachs and then watching them explode from the inside out. Note that the final words in this situation were "splat." 

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    Batman vs. An Earthquake

    Batman vs. An Earthquake
    Photo: DC Comics

    When a disastrous earthquake strikes Batman's Wayne Manor, Gotham City gets twisted in more ways than usual. This colossal quake, which was simply the work of nature, hit a 7.6 on the Richter scale and left Gotham crumbling and abandoned. For the year that followed, Gotham and its Dark Knight grew even darker as the city became overrun with villains.

    On the bright side, Wayne Manor got a much-needed makeover, the Batcave revealed its multiplicity and No Man’s Land, the comic book crossover based on the experience, brought Batman into the 21st century with a whole new style.

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    The Universe Shatters and Earth Gets Consumed by Lava

    In the Thor Comics, Issue 244, a group of time-twister space villains set out to return to the beginning of time, even if they must destroy everyone in their path in order to accomplish this daunting task. When asked why they refuse to abandon their mission, they explain that they must start at the beginning of time in order to prevent the universe from shattering - which is what kills the ones they love in their future.

    In this scenario, the future of the universe is fizzled out as the result of a disastrous, seemingly unavoidable storm. Thor battles the time twisters and wins, but when they flee, Earth consumes itself in a storm of cosmic fire.

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