old west What Sex Was Like in the Wild West  

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Society has a certain image of the Old West. Though we look back and picture cowboys wandering the wild frontier, guns on both hips, we tend not to wonder what sex was like in the American West. There appears to be good reason for that, as Wild West sex facts are more scarce than you would imagine. Even in a time when prostitution was a staple in almost every town and city, people still didn't talk openly about what they liked to do in the bedroom. This surely owes, in part, to the puritanical nature of American settlers. 

Even though it was a taboo topic, there are a few fascinating tidbits relating to stripping down and doing the naughty naked tango in the Old West. Whether it be how men liked to dress up like women or that oral sex was a little too French for most (Francophiles raise your hands), this list below highlights all the interesting facts about sex in the Wild West. Check out the list and see what American west sex facts titillate you the most. 

Gender Roles Were Fluid and Homosexuality Was No Big Thing

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When you think of the Old West, your mind might conjure images of tough, macho men who embody stereotypically masculine traits. A cowboy riding valiantly on his horse to rescue a poor damsel that's tied to the railroad tracks, for instance. Spitting dip, loading guns, drinking hard, and wailing on whores. 

If that's how you view the Old West, you might be shocked to know how cowboys really viewed homosexuality. Wild West society didn't necessarily label people homosexual or heterosexual, but rather allowed each person to be who they need to be in any given moment. In an interview ("Homos on the Range: How gay was the West?"), University of Colorado at Boulder History Department Chairman Peter Boag, who wrote the book Same Sex Affairs, said, "people engaged in same sex activities weren't seen as homosexual."

When women weren't present in large communities, say a mining camp full of men for example, some men would fill the role of women sexually and domestically, and normal gender roles were challenged. In effect, men in the Old West got it where they could.  

Prostitution Was as American as Apple Pie

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One thing is very clear about the Old West: prostitution was a staple to any town or city. What's surprising is the range of prostitution throughout the West. Some places were much how you would expect, dirty and cheap, women walking the streets with a sheet to lay on the ground for f*ck time. Other towns had a more esteemed opinion of prostitution, and were home to grand and eloquent brothels run by bigwig Madams. 

Prostitution was also indicative of socioeconomic classes in Old West society. Most prostitutes were young (30 or younger), largely uneducated and, in many cases, illiterate. Some were immigrants, and pricing was based not only on looks but also nationality and ethnicity. Like the anonymous, easily replaced miners and railroad workers of the American frontier, prostitutes filled a social and economic function necessitated by capitalism, but, as individuals, were largely irrelevant and forgotten. 

Birth Control Involved Ingesting Poison

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In an era of rampant prostitution, you might wonder why people weren't popping out kids left and right. It's not like serious protection was used. Condoms were around, but very expensive, so most prostitutes used abortifacients, a generic term for any substance that induces a miscarriage (literally, from the Latin, "that which will cause a miscarriage"). 

Abortifacients contained poisonous ingredients, often from plant sources, that would kill unwanted pregnancy upon arrival. For prostitutes, pregnancy was a major hazard - not only could it kill your career, it might kill you; many women on the frontier died during childbirth. Women were often left with the choice of either dying during childbirth or poisoning themselves to kill an unwanted fetus. 

Oral Sex Was Too French for Cowboys

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Oral sex. Something everyone enjoys, yes? Well, actually, as it turns out, no. In his book Slumming: Sexual and Racial Encounters in American Nightlife, 1885-1940, Chad Heap, Associate Professor of American Studies and Undergraduate Advisor of the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at George Washington University and regular contributor to Reddit subsection Ask Historians, explains that fellatio was considered a little too foreign for Americans during the time period (it was a too "French," if you will), and therefore wasn't readily performed.

There's evidence that even prostitutes were against it, and would shun other working women who didn't mind giving dome.