15 Workplace Safety Violations Involving Ladders (Or Lack Thereof) That Have Our Palms Sweaty

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From stacking ladders on ladders to using co-workers as stepping stools, here are some of the craziest workplace safety violations involving ladders that are way too anxiety-inducing. Enjoy!

  • 1. Not Worth

    Not Worth
    Photo: A Former Redditor / Reddit
    26 votes
  • 2. It's Giving OSHA Violation

    It's Giving OSHA Violation
    Photo: u/kayakhomeless / Reddit
    20 votes
  • 3. Nice

    Photo: u/Dhaerrow / Reddit
    20 votes
  • 4. Economical

    Photo: A Redditor / Reddit
    19 votes
  • 5. Shaky Foundations, Maybe

    Shaky Foundations, Maybe
    Photo: u/itswatsthetwat69 / Reddit
    16 votes
  • 6. Jenga IRL

    Jenga IRL
    Photo: u/Kristouph / Reddit
    14 votes