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Zookeepers And Zoo Volunteers Share Their Most WTF Moments

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People go to zoos to get a glimpse of the wild side, but behind-the-scenes stories from zoo employees take you on the real safari. For every zoo patron story about a pooping and/or mating animal, there exist dozens more crazy zookeeper stories more outrageous than anything on Animal Planet. The wildest stories from zookeepers, featuring characters ranging from feisty primates to killer kangaroos, showcase the drama you never realized was happening while you were holding your child over the fence of the gorilla enclosure. Because when animals get loose, it falls on the zookeeper to keep the peace. While the occasional tragedy goes down at a zoo, these funny zookeeper stories highlight the positive things that sometimes happen when you put wild animals in controlled spaces.

Thanks to the wonder of Reddit, zookeepers have shared their best stories for all to enjoy. The next time you go to the zoo, not only will you marvel at the animals, you'll also marvel at the employees who put up with more grief and feces than you ever see at your local dog park.

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