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The Worst Wilderness Vandals Ever  

Katherine Ripley
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National parks across the country are facing an epidemic of vandalism. Graffiti taggers have apparently moved past their typical urban canvasses and have started to target Mother Nature's constructions. This list is full of the worst wilderness vandalism stories. The crimes range from polluting, to spray painting, to bombing. Yes, you read that rightbombing.

Wilderness vandals can face hefty fines and even jail time. Some of the people on this list were identified, but some of their identities remain a mystery. If you happen to know who is responsible for any of this wilderness graffiti, the Bureau of Land Management would love to hear from you.
Whoever Destroyed Pictographs with Fire
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Photo:  Norm_Bosworth/Pixabay/CC0 1.0
In December of 2002, someone destroyed three Native American pictographs with a fire, and defaced several others with the charred ends of sticks in Dry Canyon in Oregon. It cost $7,000 to restore the pictographs, and the restoration project could not completely restore all the lost landmarks. The vandal was never identified.
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Whoever Bulldozed a Trailhead
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Photo:  jarmoluk/Pixabay/CC0 1.0
In 2015 in Colorado, Charles Enger hijacked three pieces of construction equipment and ruined a hiking trailhead at Emerald Mountain that was in the process of being improved. He damaged newly installed bathrooms, wiped out a bush that the construction team had worked to preserve, and flipped over one of the construction vehicles. The total damage was estimated at over $80,000.
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The Woman Who Defaced Rock Outcrops at National Parks
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Casey Nocket vandalized about a dozen national parks before she was caught. She used acrylic paint to apply her signature to a rocks in the parks, and then took pictures and posted them to her social media accounts, using the pseudonym Creepytings. She was eventually outed by a hiker and journalist.
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Frat Bros Who Left Piles of Trash at Lake Shasta
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Students from the University of Oregon left behind tents, coolers, bags of trash, and clothing at Shasta Lake after a trip that apparently involved a lot of drinking. Some of the coolers had greek letters on them, making it pretty easy to identify the culprits. The Lambda Chi fraternity, who left multiple coolers with their letters on them, issued a formal apology and offered to help clean up the mess.
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