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The Most Ridiculous Group Dates On The Bachelor And Bachelorette

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Many objectively strange elements to The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise are now just generally accepted as the norm: fantasy suite nights, first impression roses, and two-on-one dates. But one of the most entertaining staples of the show are group dates on The Bachelor that go too far. There are so many reasons why these group dates get out of hand: they’re too risqué, too physically taxing, or just too out there. Furthermore, these group dates feature one Bachelor or Bachelorette with a handful of contestants all vying for attention from them. It’s a powder keg that almost always blows up in the most entertaining way.

The Bachelor franchise remains a pop culture institution more than a decade after its premiere. It’s spawned iconic phrases such as “I’m not here to make friends,” “Will you accept this rose?”, and “Can I steal you for a second?” Heaven forbid someone isn’t there for the right reasons. The Bachelor emerged as one of the most culturally relevant reality television shows and that may be, in part, due to some of the ridiculous group dates these poor contestants endure, all the the sake of a rose. But hey, it's entertaining.

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    Rachel Lindsay (Season 13): Mud Wrestling

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    It was the group date that no one asked for and no one wanted. To win the affection of Rachel Lindsay, the shirtless male contestants wrestled in mud. Of course, this felt like ABC’s attempt be progressive; mud wrestling is generally a way to sexualize women, so they flipped the script. But perhaps the show could simply not make the women wear bikinis so often, because no one wanted to watch these men get down and dirty, literally.

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    Ben Higgins (Season 20): Swimming With Pigs

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    In the Bahamas lies an island completely inhabited by feral pigs, so naturally The Bachelor producers took the cast there during Ben's season. The group date consisted of the women feeding said pigs hot dogs, so what could go wrong? Well, when the pigs kept coming back for more food instead of leaving like the dates expected, it resulted in a lot of screaming, splashing, and running. As one of the Laurens said, “I never in a million years thought I’d be swimming with pigs in the ocean.” Nor did anyone expect millions watch it.

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    Kaitlyn Bristowe (Season 11): Boxing With Laila Ali

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    During Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette, professional boxer Laila Ali taught the men how to properly box. They then fought it out with one another in the ring, you know, as if they weren’t already fighting for the attention of one woman. With all this testosterone, what could go wrong? Well, in the final round, contestants Ben Z. and Jared fought. Ben Z. delivered the winning punch, earning him a kiss and the date rose, while Jared earned a trip to the hospital because he apparently had a concussion.

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    Brad Womack (Season 15): 'Sports Illustrated' Photo Shoot

    Ah, family-friendly fun. In one of the most uncomfortable group dates in Bachelor history, Brad Womack and three contestants (Chantal, Michelle, and Ashley) posed for a Sports Illustrated photoshoot. At one point, Michelle – a former model – dragged Brad to the sand and posed with him in risqué positions, all while the other two contestants watched. A combo of sun, sand, red bikinis, and buckets of tears sounds like a disaster, but to the Bachelor franchise, it sounds like high ratings.

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