Waiters Are Sharing The Wildest Conversations They've Ever Had To Awkwardly Interrupt

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We've all accidentally interrupted a conversation that probably wasn't intended for us to hear. Now imagine how often that must happen to a waiter that's just trying to do their job. Check out these 11 stories of waiters awkwardly interrupting wild conversations as told in this trending AskReddit thread.

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    Purposefully Spied On A Department Of Defense Business Lunch

    From Redditor u/just_some_a--hole

    After I retired from the military I got a job as a defense contractor, but I had to wait a while for the security clearance process to do its thing (takes a while). So I was working several joe-jobs in the meantime to keep the bills paid. One of them was waiting tables.

    One Friday afternoon a large group comes in, all fairly well dressed, and get a table together. It was obviously an "office lunch," and I didn't pay them too much attention (it was the other waiter's table). That is, until I heard the topic of conversation.

    I was two tables over when I overheard what they were talking about, recognized several keywords, etc. After about three minutes of listening I could tell exactly which government agency they worked for, had a pretty good idea which office they were in, and could tell who was a DoD civilian and who was a contractor. I had also determined that their conversation had bumped off the "classified" wall a few times, all while in a restaurant where the owner had cameras with audio recording.

    I managed to catch one of the customers after he came out of the bathroom and "strongly advised" that he and his colleagues alter their subject of conversation. When he looked at me funny, I ran down the list of everything I had gleaned from their discussion just by eavesdropping from one table over, and watched the color drain from his face.

    Three years later I was sitting in a "protecting secure information" seminar, and I heard this exact story told by the guy giving the speech. Apparently the story of the waiter in the Korean restaurant had left an impression.

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    Served A Last Meal Before Hospice

    From Redditor u/Zaphoid411:

    I had one table at this Steakhouse I worked had come in for a last dinner with one of their elderly relatives. The man must have been late 90's - early 100's. I guess he was going into the hospital or hospice the next morning where he was only going to have a day or two left to live. So, they came to the restaurant for their last meal.

    They all seemed pretty stressed and tense for a while. I remember the woman who I assumed was the man's daughter was being very picky and complicated with everything. Had I not known the situation, I'd have been annoyed. Once they had eaten and had some drinks, you could tell they were loosening up and having the dinner they wanted to have. I tried to interrupt as little as I could and every time I did I was very aware that I was distracting from their time with a loved one. Everyone left seemingly pleased.

    For a while I could get my head around why they wouldn't want to have a home cooked meal. It really confused me until a bit ago I realized that I wouldn't want to waste my time cooking a delicious meal either if I was in that situation. Much better to just spend the time with the person.

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    Son Tackles Dad During Breakfast

    From Redditor u/Kobrazak:

    I waited tables for 10 years. Anywhere from a family restaurant to fine dining, I’ve done it.

    I’m 16 and this is my first ever serving job, I was on the Sunday morning breakfast shift (~8am) and this small family comes in (mom, dad and son). They’re not super cheerful or talkative - not everyone can be a morning person, but you can tell there’s some tension in the air. While serving them and pre-bussing I caught a couple phrases or words the dad would say to the son. Such as, “check your attitude” or “not in my house” sort of thing.

    Fast forward, the family has their check and they’re still talking in hushed, but tense tones. Next thing we know, the son TACKLES the father onto the table - breaking it instantly. They start struggling, wrestling, and screaming at each other on this broken table in the middle of a busy restaurant on a packed Sunday morning. All you hear is the son and father fighting since the restaurant goes silent once other customers realize what’s going on. Sh*t is flying everywhere, food and drink is flying onto other nearby tables. One of my coworkers had to start yelling for someone to call 911.

    Turns out - the STEP-father was sending his step-son to a boot camp for his behavioral issues. I guess the step-son didn’t take the news all that well…

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    Dad Tells Children He's Going To Prison

    From Redditor u/NicolasCageMyHero:

    I once waited on a table of a father explaining to his two young children that he was going to prison and their grandmother would be taking care of them. They were the only table and I was the only staff. I pretended to clean bar glasses whilst eavesdropping his desperate attempts to lighten the mood. Paid a small check with a c-note and didn't want change though, whatever he did couldn't have been that bad.

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    Two Couples Having An Affair Meet For Dinner

    From Redditor u/aboxofquackers:

    All of my experiences were very open and very awkward.

    Approached two weekly regulars (man and woman) who came in with another couple. Before I greeted them, the regular guy speaks up. He tells me he has to explain something.

    “I have to explain something,” he says.

    He motions to the woman sitting across from him, who is not the woman he is normally with.

    “This is my wife.”

    He motions to the women sitting next to him, who is the woman he is always with.

    “This is the woman I’ve been having an affair with.”

    I greet the woman he’s been having an affair with, and apologize to the man’s wife. She laughs, but it isn’t unkind.

    “This is the man my wife has been sleeping with, who is the husband of the woman I’ve been having an affair with.”

    My eyes dart around the table. I take a wine list from my apron and hand it to the wife.

    “You’ll be needing the drink list then.”

    Table erupts into laughter.

    I have so many more. Guessing family dynamics. Over pouring for first dates. Men apologizing for flirting with me in front of their partners. People trapping me in conversation for a few minutes. The guy who was on a first date who insisted he saw me on Tinder (I wasn’t) and we had gone in a date (we hadn’t) before. The four top who came in and the wife had something to say about everything the husband ordered, and how my manager and I got her back. The sophisticated ladies who wanted my number to give to their sons. It was a super fancy but relaxed place. People dropped $400 between a two top with no hesitation. Get rich ladies a little juiced up and flirt with them and you’re good to go! I miss it!!

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    A Grandfather Becomes A Great-Grandfather

    From Redditor u/Oddment_Salvage

    I once interrupted a granddaughter telling her grandfather she was pregnant. I could tell she was nervous from the second they walked in, enough that I clocked it and decided to pay extra attention in case something was wrong. And yeah I was also a little curious.

    Things were pretty normal during the drink order, he got a beer, she got a coke. I was making the rounds passed all of my tables so I could take a bathroom break and I was understandably distracted by the time I made it to them, my last table.

    I was literally walking up and pulling my customer smile as she said “I’m pregnant. I think I’m gonna keep it.” I’m just standing there, closer to her than grandpa was.

    Grandpa’s face lit up, he was in tears, and he was so happy to see me because he needed to order champagne and whatever dessert his granddaughter wanted so they could celebrate. He even insisted I have a glass with him. He let me finally go to the bathroom first though!

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