Weird Nature The Mysteries Behind These Fossils Are Both Creepy And Beyond Fascinating  

Mick Jacobs

Discovering a fossil counts as a feat in and of itself, but some factors make certain fossils more significant than others. In the video below, you get a glimpse into some of the most significant fossils ever discovered and the qualities that set them apart from other fossils.

As mentioned, finding a fossil is a remarkable feat simply for the fact that an organism's skeleton, complete or incomplete, managed to survive for thousands, if not millions, of years to the present day. 

And though many such fossils give insight into an organism's body, they fail to provide clear examples of a specific behavior or activity. The special fossil discoveries presented here not only show relatively complete fossils, however, they also present many organisms in the midst of specific activity.

These fossils not only managed to preserve an organism, they also preserved moments in time for scientists to study eons later. Watch the video below to see which fossils rocked the paleontological community.