Breaking The Law: Weird And Wild Stories About Judas Priest

After Black Sabbath, Judas Priest are arguably the most important band in the history of heavy metal. In the late ‘70s, when Sabbath and other bands were hemming and hawing about being called a heavy metal band, Judas Priest embraced the term and encouraged other bands to take pride in being part of a musical subculture shunned by the mainstream. Along the way Priest introduced the now-traditional twin-guitar attack, pioneered the studs and leather look of ‘80s metal and brought the world the first great multi-octave metal vocalist, Rob Halford, who inspired everyone from Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson to Disturbed’s David Draiman. While they were never the absolute wildest band in the genre – which may explain why they’re still around and making great music after almost 50 years – they were responsible for more than a few outrageous moments and other crazy and sometimes horrifying incidents. Below, are ten of the most insane stories that would never have taken place were it not for the existence of the Metal Gods, Judas Priest.