People Share The Wildest, Strangest, Most WTF Stories Pathological Liars Ever Told Them

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Over on Reddit, people are sharing the tallest of tall tales ever told to them by habitual liars. From famous parents to vast riches, here are the biggest lies people where ever told by folks who like to fib. Vote up the lies that went above and beyond.

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    Sister Of The Year

    From Redditor u/TurtleDaisies:

    ...My sister is a compulsive liar, among many other things.

    * Growing up - kids would stop by our house to see our new puppies... that we didn't have.

    * My friend had a baby, [so my sister] took photos and told people at school it was hers.

    * She hasn't held a job longer than three months in her almost 40 years of life. Yet she tells people she was a nurse, a police officer, [and] a 911 operator.

    * She tells people we don't speak because she needed a kidney transplant and I refused to offer her mine. She doesn't need one. She left one company after telling them that she had an incurable disease, doctors orders for bed rest. She let fellow employees throw a party for her at another company (two months employed) because they FOUND a cure for this incurable disease.

    * She told my mom she won the "Best Undercover Police Officer of the Year" award and got a trophy. She sent my mom a photo, to which my mom posted it on Facebook. It was the World Cup trophy.

    * She [...] faked numerous pregnancies... downloading fake ultrasound pics and everything. [Had] the baby showers, [lost] said fake baby (she had her tubes tied many years ago). She then returns the gifts for money to support her drug habit.

    * In regards to said drug habit, she once stabbed herself to get pain medication. She is blacklisted from urgent cares within a 200-mile radius.

    * She lost custody of her kids several years ago, yet still tells people they were kidnapped and she doesn't know where they are. She does.

    * She claimed she was the first person in our state to get COVID-19. The doctors thought she was dying until they found the right medicine, and now [they] call her a medical miracle. She is waiting for her story in the upcoming medical journal.

    I could write a book with her "stories." She needs help, but that would require her to admit there is a problem. People have sought me out to ask me if this or that is true. I love being honest! I confront her on these stories and I am the bad person for doubting her.

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    Classic Jonathan

    From Redditor u/grimpus:

    Oh Lord, finally I get to talk about Jonathan.

    I met Jonathan my first day working in a call center right after college. We started our day walking around the building to see the fire exits, cafeteria, mailroom, etc., and this was when Jonathan told us he grew up in Anaheim, CA, and was the youngest person in California history to get his pilot's license. "Wow" was the general consensus. About a year later, we found out he was born and raised in Connecticut.

    As time went by, he made a lot of claims that people thought [were] pretty odd. He spoke several languages fluently (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese), which isn’t odd by itself, but he also seemed kind of like a moron, so it wasn’t believable. His claims weren’t inherently crazy, but he always chimed in on topics basically saying he was an expert (building computers, computer programming, woodworking, etc). At this point I just thought he was your run-of-the-mill pathological liar.

    That was until early December... I saw him in the break room and he asked me how I was.

    "Good, and you?"

    "To be honest, I’m exhausted. I’ve been staying up every night whittling German dolls for people for Christmas gifts."

    "Wow, that’s pretty interesting."

    "Yeah, do you want one?"

    "Uhh, sure..."

    I didn’t get one for Christmas. No one else from work had heard or received on of these things. It was just a random lie from his twisted mind.

    Another time we had a potluck and Jonathan brought in a cake. The cake was clearly purchased from a bakery as it was professionally made and came in the bakery box. He made a point to tell people he woke up at 2 am to bake the cake. When it was pointed out the box had the name of the bakery on it, he said it was just a bakery box he had at his house.

    Another time, I was on break and was going to run down to the gas station for an energy drink when I saw him getting out of a minivan and shuffling to work. He normally drove a sedan. He jogs over to me and goes, "I’m sorry I’m late" (obviously I didn’t care, I just worked there).

    "I was T-boned by an old man on my way in, so I had to get a ride back to my house and use my wife’s car."

    "Holy sh*t. Seriously? Are you okay? Why did you even come to work?"

    "Yeah, I’m okay."

    The next day Jonathan drove his red sedan into work and there was clearly no damage. He never mentioned the car accident again, and no one else had heard about it.

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    Ring Of Liar

    From Redditor u/qgwheurbwb1i:

    Her dad hired an assassin to kill her and her mother and was in jail. She mentioned a couple of weeks later that she was going to her dad's house for the weekend.

    She would point at ANYONE remotely attractive and say, "I've slept with them."

    She tried to fake a phone call once pretending to talk to a boy she was seeing, so I called her phone and it rang while she was mid sentence. She stuttered in embarrassment and then said, "You calling me must have cut my call off!" I told her to ring him back, and she refused.

    If you had fish and chips for dinner, then she had had shark and chips. She was absolutely relentless and we stopped being friends when I called her out on her BS.

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    The Teen Hacker Who Owned A Boat And Was A Prodigy

    From Redditor u/Kiwihara:

    Knew this guy in high school. Everyone in my then friend group remembers this guy and his crazy, crazy lies. He was 16 at the time I knew him.

    * He hacked into Microsoft and built them a better Firewall.

    * He owned a commercial fishing boat.

    * He lived on Antarctica for six months before coming to our school.

    * In a video game, he beat a level that just straight-up doesn't exist.

    * He said he beat said level with another friend of mine, who was right there and denied it, saying he didn't know what the guy was talking about.

    * He continued to say it was true and that my friend just didn't remember. It had just happened the class before lunch.

    * Various tech lies, like he had a laptop with a terabyte of RAM (not even possible now in 2022, this was in 2005).

    * Various lies about women he had "slept with."

    He said anything and everything he could that would make him feel better. By happenstance, I ran into a classmate five years after graduation on a plane ride from Seattle to back home. Our flight out of our connection got delayed, so we agreed to split the cost of a rental car and just drive the four hours home. Turns out she had a KID with the guy, and yup, he still was just as much of a pathological liar then.

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    Lord Of Acid

    From Redditor u/Otherwise_Bill_5898:

    He told me he surveyed the football stadium in our town prior to its construction. I checked the dates.... he was a qualified surveyor at 6 years old!

    Then he told me his body chemistry was immune to acid. You could pour battery acid on him and it would not affect him.

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    'You're Cool'

    From Redditor u/post_angst:

    I went to high school with a pathological liar that you could just nudge a tiny bit and he'd go off on these long, elaborate, and impossible stories. You'd just say, "And then what happened, Ricky?" and he'd just keep going.

    The best one was when he supposedly got chased by a police helicopter through the woods while stashing an 18-pack of beer down his pants. He ended up outrunning the helicopter, and because of it, the police said, "You're cool," over the loudspeaker on the helicopter (that he said he [...] outran).

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