Travel The Craziest Items The TSA Has Confiscated  

Mick Jacobs

If you thought the TSA spent their whole days confiscating Smart Water, shampoos, and liquor bottles, think again. The TSA routinely confiscates a menagerie of both living and nonliving items, and the wildest ones appear in the video below.

Because flying offers such a convenient form of transport, people all across the nation try to bring along illegal or bizarre items. What, you don't pack a bag full of live fish in your checked luggage?

You sort of admire these ballsy passengers for taking the risk with their packed items, but you also expect them to try a little bit harder. You're not gonna avoid the trial-high club by hiding birds under your jacket, ma'am.

Just watch the video below to see exactly how bold some people are when it comes to their luggage, and be thankful that at least you obey air safety regulations, stay seated when the plane lands, and never take your socks off.