The 18 Craziest Naked Women In News Report History  

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The world is fiilled with millions of insane people and sometimes, they're women. And on even rarer occasions, they're naked. So here, in one place (and in no particular order), are the eighteen craziest naked women who've hit the news in recent memory. All of these are insane news stories and all of them star a naked woman who's completely lost her marbles (and clothes.)
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Woman Caught Running Naked With Boyfriend After Losing at Strip Poker

Hey, rules are rules.

Portsmouth police caught a naked woman and her boyfriend running naked down the street on the early morning of May 19, 2010. Upon further investigation, after cornering the couple behind a fence, the cops were able to glean that the two were the unfortunate losers of a strip poker match at a friend's apartment.

As if that weren't embarrassing enough, the officers drove the couple back to said apartment for further questioning...and to grab their clothes. Upon arrival, they confirmed the streakers' story by walking in on several people playing poker sans-shirts. The girlfriend and her lover were issued verbal warnings and let off the hook.

[Insert poker hand joke here]
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Woman Arrested for Posing Naked in NY Museum

Kathleen "KC" Neill was arrested for posing nude in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 2, 2009. She is a model, and was posing for photographer Zach Hyman in the museum, for what appears to be a publicity stunt, given Hyman's increased popularity thereafter.

Hyman is known for doing a series of nude shots of his models around New York, most famously on a subway train. This marked the first time any of his models had gotten arrested.

Attorneys for the model found it ridiculous because of the amount of nude art that exists at The Met, and deem that the woman's behavior was 100% fitting of her environment as it was not pornographic in the least.
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Naked Woman Nabs Intruders Gun, Shoots Him. Awesome.

Only in Texas (and in action movies).

An intruder broke into Latoya Harkless's home in Texas City after she had just gotten out of the shower. Hearing the break-in, she quickly hid and prepared for battle.

She saw the tentativeness of the intruder, who was holding his gun close to his stomach, and described him as "more scared than me." Harkless jumped out and karate-chopped the gun from his hand, picked it up, and shot at him. They played "cat-and-mouse" for a few minutes, and then Harkless finally lost sight of him and he got away.

In the ensuing trial, it was found that Harkless's shot went directly into the intruder's leg.

That's one tough naked chick and one awesome way for her to realize her superpower: if she's always naked, she can fight crime effectively.
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Naked Woman Flees From Police in Texas, Vigilantes Get Involved
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In Baytown, TX, a naked woman in an SUV led cops on a high-speed chase. She was chased by three cars- one officer in a marked cruiser, one off-duty officer in his personal pickup and a vigilante, yes, you read that correctly, a vigilante, as in a person who decided to take the law into their own hands, in his pickup.

This guy actually tries to box this naked woman in with an off-duty cop on the free way.

After a long chase, she was finally arrested in a residential neighborhood in her birthday suit.

Watch this video for the full, unadulterated and, unfortunately, censored glory.
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