The Best Will Ferrell Movies Of All Time

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Over 3,900 movie fans have come together to shape these rankings of the best Will Ferrell movies. From his classic roles as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman and Buddy the Elf in Elf, to hilarious more recent performances like Brad Whitaker in Daddy's Home 1 & 2 and Frank “The Tank” Richard in Old School, there are plenty of iconic characters that make up our list.

Ferrell is known for producing some of the funniest films ever made, with an impressive array of co-stars such as Steve Carell, John C Reilly, Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Wahlberg joining him onscreen along the way. His brand of physical comedy is often hit or miss but when it works it really resonates with audiences worldwide. Whether its a riotous holiday film like Spirited or an outrageous college romp like Step Brothers you can be sure that Will Ferrell will deliver big laughs every time.

From record store owners to race car drivers - whatever role he plays - Will Ferrell has become one of modern cinema’s most recognizable faces. Vote up your favorites from this list and help us discover which movie featuring this comedic genius reigns supreme.

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