Will Smith Hit Chris Rock In The Face At The Oscars And Our Jaws Are On The Floor

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If you missed it: Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith. It was not received well, and Will Smith got up and hit Chris Rock in the face live during the Oscars. We've never seen an Oscar moment quite like this....and we're shook. 

  • 1. He Really Did Just Keep Going


    474 votes
  • 2. He Really Did Take That Like A Champ


    347 votes
  • 3. Gotta Be Made Of Money To Be Able To Do That


    407 votes
  • 4. We Are Simply In Disbelief


    334 votes
  • 5. Literally Same


    327 votes
  • 6. Keeping A Straight Face Was Difficult


    236 votes