Fan Theories About Will Smith's Filmography That We Can't Stop Thinking About

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Will Smith has the type of memorable filmography that most actors dream of. From winning the hearts of fans with his music and portraying everyone's favorite east coast transport on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to beloved pop-culture movies and even a few Oscar-worthy performances, Will Smith has given fans a lot to love. From unanswered questions to character quirks, so many have dived into giving thoughts and opinions. More than a few passionate fans managed to come up with some truly interesting theories surrounding Will Smith's filmography.

Check out these Will Smith tv and movie fan theories below, and don't forget to vote!

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    The Aliens Were Panicking At The End Of 'Independence Day' After Their Forcefields Went Down

    From Redditor u/OrcsAreMongols:

    The aliens usually coordinated their city destroyer attacks, taking their time positioning themselves over cities all over the world for a few hours and then blasting them away all at the same time around the world.

    However, at the final battle around Area 51, the aliens opened their turret even before the giant spaceship had stopped lol. This was clearly not according to protocol and they were clearly panicking from the lack of force fields. Moreover, they did not use city destroyers over air bases, but this time they did.

    If you think about it from the aliens perspective, they were under simultaneous air attack all around the world and their shields were down for the first time. It was unprecedented. The aliens had not war-gamed this scenario and there are many examples in world war 2 of military making terrible decisions when a situation veers from a war game scenario (example: battle of midway). The aliens had no idea how many forces the humans can send and decided logically, that they best bet would be to blow the air bases as quickly as possible. Of course, this also proved to be their undoing. Classic fog of war coming up to bite them in the butt without their cheat code force fields.

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    The Banks Family Mirrors The Seven Deadly Sins In 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'

    From Redditor u/binniwheats:

    TL;DR The seven people in the Banks house can match up to the seven deadly sins if you draw the lines.

    Ok so we’ve all heard the theory that Will actually died back in Philly and that Bel-Air is some sort of afterlife. I came here to take it a step further.

    Could the seven main characters resemble the seven deadly sins? By the seven main characters, I’m referring to the seven who live on the Banks estate- Uncle Phil, Vivian, Hillary, Carlton, Will, Ashley, and Geoffrey.

    Uncle Phil - Gluttony. In the episode where Phillip and Vivian renew their vows, Uncle Phil can’t remember much about their wedding day but remembers in detail everything they ate. He’s also a big guy who has health issues in the show regarding his weight and unhealthy eating.

    Vivian - Sloth. We see her around the house sometimes but I’m led to believe she’s just sleeping all day.

    Hillary - Greed. All of Phil’s kids are spoiled but Hillary takes the cake. Daddy’s credit card, out of high school but living at home, high end wardrobe and just a taste for the finer things all at daddy’s expense.

    Carlton - Pride. A desperation to impress his dad drove Carlton his entire life to work towards Princeton. He’s very proud of his own intelligence and has a since of arrogance that strikes me as pride.

    Will - Lust. Have you seen the show?

    Ashley - Envy. As the youngest sibling, Ashley is always doubting herself and takes out her frustrations on her relatives accomplishments. Reference the episode where Vivian is pregnant, Ashley has an all out temper tantrum about not having a place in the family with the new baby on the way, pointing out all of her relatives individual significances.

    Geoffrey - Wrath. Physically throwing Jazz out of the house all the time is pretty aggressive. Geoff also shouts often, referencing his expectation to be the house servant (although he is). He means well and is one of the family, don’t get me wrong, but he’s sarcastically bitter and high energy passive aggressive all the time.

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    The Shooting Range Test In 'Men In Black' Wasn't What We Thought

    From Redditor u/llosx:

    I was thinking about the scene where Jay shoots the target shaped like a little girl with a quantum physics textbook. I've never been sure what the correct solution to the test is, but I remembered something from the original Men In Black comics which have a much darker tone than the movies. At one point in the comics K tells Jay that it's almost always better to kill witnesses than neutralize them because it's easier to explain dead bodies than to come up with explanations for the supernatural. So since the movie version of MIB aren't as cold-blooded as the comics, it's important that they find the best BSers. It doesn't really matter who you shoot, just if you can come up with an excuse.

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    Jay Actually Was The Most Qualified Person For The Job In 'Men In Black'

    From Redditor u/DarthReilly:

    Even though J seems incompetent when compared to the other candidates (only shooting the little girl cut-out instead of the alien ones, dragging the ear-piercingly loud table across the floor, breaking his pencil etc) he actually was more qualified. The other candidates were from a military background, which would help in a combat scenario, but useless during peacetime.

    J's background as a cop was much more valuable since he had experience at keeping the peace and dispersing crowds much better than the other 3 candidates.

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    The Infected Already Knew Where Dr. Neville Lived In 'I Am Legend'

    From Redditor u/J_Schermie:

    By now we probably all know that the movie takes a different approach than the book with portraying the infected as monsters the entire story and never showing in the final cut of the film how the doctor realizes he's the bad guy when he recognizes that the infected have been living their own humanistic lifestyle that he is interrupting by trying to cure them. I'm gonna go one step further though and say that it didn't take him capturing the one infected lady that we actually saw him work on for them to suddenly hate him, that was just the final straw.

    After he sets his trap, we see the one infected guy get super pissed, exposing himself to sunlight just so he can glare at the doctor. The doctor sees this as a de-evolution and says in his video diary later that day that they are finally completely no longer human, not realizing that the reason they act that way is because of him thrusting himself into their hives and livelihood.

    After he is driving around, he notices a mannequin in the middle of the road. It's from the video store. The infected were watching him even in the daytime as he went around town. And it makes perfect sense. He's driving around blasting his Bob Marley music and driving a vehicle which is probably a gas guzzler so it makes noise. It's easy to track. All they have to do is position themselves in different buildings throughout the night and just watch him from the shadows.

    So, the infected were perfectly willing to let him live and probably were too afraid to confront him until he kidnaped the lover of what looked like the alpha male. We saw the bigger infected guy giving orders and using his brute strength to do things the other infected couldn't, like breaking the plexiglass doors in the end, so he was probably the only one that had the stones to face the man who had been taking hostage and effectively killing the infected with his vaccines that didn't work. If Dr. Neville captured a different infected specimen to experiment with, he might have actually lived and not been disturbed by the vampires at all.

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    The Main Characters In 'Hancock' Are Actually Gods

    From Redditor:

    This has been a popular theory since the movie came out. And I personally think that Peter Berg had this in mind when he directed the movie.

    He is immortal and has lived long enough to be living at the same time as the ancient greeks (at least 3000 years old). Throughout the whole movie we “strangely” see Hancock being obsessed with Eagles. In Greek Mythology, the eagle is the signature bird and symbol of the god Zeus.

    As you may also know Hera And Zeus were not only married but they were brother and Sister, this also gets referenced in the movie: when Hancock asked: What were we to each other? and then Mary says: We are Brother and sister. Hera was the wife and older sister of Zeus, making Mary the Greek god Hera.

    BUT NOTORIOUS! Zeus has the power of Lighting and Hancock never demonstrated that ability. But he did when they we’re fighting Mary summoned tornadoes, in which Hancock used lighting to return the favor.

    They were cursed by Kronos because he got jealous, The curse was that if ever they are close to each other, they become vulnerable.

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