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Small Details In Willem Dafoe Movies That Fans Noticed

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Over the years, Willem Dafoe has proven himself to be a dynamic and fearless performer who puts everything into his work, regardless of the role he's taking on. Fans of the highly versatile actor have been pointing out and discussing many hidden facts about Willem Dafoe films on the internet.

These details may be obvious to some, but completely foreign to others. Check out these facts about Willem Dafoe movies below, and don't forget to vote!

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    The Sea Curse In ‘The Lighthouse’ Was Done In One Take

    One of Willem Dafoe's most impressive performances to date is his diabolical turn as mad wickie Thomas Wake in Robert Eggers's modern horror classic The Lighthouse. Redditor u/TanzimFarid explains that Dafoe's infamous "Sea Curse" monologue was filmed in one single take:

    The scene in The Lighthouse (2019) where Willem Dafoe's character gives the sea curse to Robert Pattinson's character because he doesn't like his cooked lobster was [filmed] in one single take. According to director Robert Eggers, Dafoe didn't blink for over 2 minutes.

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    He Used Fake Teeth As Norman Osborn And Real Teeth As The Green Goblin In 'Spider-Man'

    In Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man movie, Willem Dafoe plays the Green Goblin, which became one of his most memorable roles. Redditor u/B_WAIN points out the fact that Dafoe used prosthetic teeth when he was playing Norman Osborn, but bore his real teeth when he is shown as his Green Goblin persona without the costume:

    In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (2002), Willem Dafoe wears dental prosthetics for most of the movie as Norman Osborn, but his reflection as the Goblin persona retains Dafoe’s natural, less perfect teeth.

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    Elias’s Hand Is Clenched In ‘Platoon’ Because He’s Holding A Detonator

    In Oliver Stone's Platoon, Willem Dafoe plays the deuteragonist, Sergeant Elias. An anonymous Redditor points out the little-known reason as to why Elias's hand is clenched at the end of the film:

    The reason Elias's (Willem Dafoe) left hand is clenched is because he's holding the remote control for the explosions shown earlier in the scene. He mentions this in a GQ interview on YouTube.

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    He Was Packing Too Much Heat In ‘Antichrist’

    In 2009, Willem Dafoe teamed up with Danish king of controversy Lars von Trier for the art-house horror film Antichrist. Redditor u/RomeoCapp points out the fact that Willem Dafoe was originally asked to do a scene undressed for the film, but director von Trier decided to get a body double instead for a very peculiar reason:

    In the movie Antichrist (2009), there’s a scene where Willem Dafoe’s character's d*** is shown. In fact, it is not Willem Dafoe’s d***. Director Lars von Trier thought his d*** was too huge and would have distracted the audience, so he was replaced by another actor.

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