Fans Share Small Details About Willem Dafoe's Villains That Most People Don't Know (But Should)

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Willem Dafoe has been entrancing audiences for over four decades, playing everything from a menacing, dancing rat to one of Marvel's greatest villains. And while he shines as a hero (like in Platoon) and can stand out in a supporting role (like in many Wes Anderson movies), many believe that Dafoe's true gift is in playing villains. Indeed, the actor has played more antogonists that protangonists during his lengthy career, and for good reason. When he steps into a dark character, he seems to embody that role. 

Here are a few interesting facts about the great Willem Dafoe in different villain roles. Vote up the most the fascinating factoids about his fiendish turns.

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    Small Detail In The Teeth For Norman Osborn

    Small Detail In The Teeth For Norman Osborn
    Photo: Spider-Man / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/B_WAIN:

    In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (2002), Willem Dafoe wears dental prosthetics for most of the movie as Norman Osborn, but his reflection as the Goblin persona retains Dafoe’s natural, less perfect, teeth.


  • In an interview, Willem Dafoe stated:

    I want to do the action because that's fun for me. And also it's really impossible to add any intregrity or fun to the character if you don't participate in these things because all that action stuff informs your relationship to the characters and the story. And also allows you [and] makes you earn your right to play the character in a funny way. 

    Dafoe also performed his own stunts at villain John Geiger in Speed 2: Cruise Control.

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    His Biting Performance Earned Him An Oscar Nomination

    His Biting Performance Earned Him An Oscar Nomination
    Photo: Shadow of the Vampire / Lionsgate

    From Redditor u/bearsfan043:

    Willem Dafoe is the only actor ever to have been nominated for an Oscar for playing a vampire.

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    His Costume In 'No Way Home' Is A Shout-Out To The Original Comics

    In his return outing as the Green Goblin, Willem Dafoe destroys the metallic mask that originated from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie. Instead, he wears a purple hoodie over his green costume with the hood pulled up. This is callback to the original Green Goblin costume of the comics.

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    Change In Color In 'Spider-Man'

    Posted by a Redditor:

    During the Thanksgiving scene in the first Spider-Man movie, Peter Parker is wearing the Green Goblin's colors, and Norman Osborn is wearing Spider-Man's colors.

  • The Teeth Helped Willem Dafoe Find His Character In 'Wild At Heart'
    Photo: The Samuel Goldwyn Company

    According to director David Lynch

    I think that the false teeth helped [Dafoe] with his conception of the character [Bobby Peru]. From the moment he puts those teeth in, he talks a little differently, he discovers a certain kind of smile.