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Wind River movie quotes help tell the story portrayed in the film about one FBI agent who, with local officers, investigate the murder of a teenage girl on an Indian Reservation. The murder mystery movie was written and directed by Taylor Sheridan. After showing at Sundance, Wind River opened theatrically in the United States on August 4, 2017.

In Wind River, Fish and Wildlife agent Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) finds the body of a local teenager in the snow near a wooded area in the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. After Cory reports the find, local authorities, including Ben (Graham Greene), and one FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) begin investigating. 

Jane quickly surmises that the teen was murdered but, despite the help of Cory, fails to put the pieces together to solve the case. So as Jane digs deeper, she realizes that how things work back home in the city is much different from how things work on the Wind River Indian Reservation. 

Wind River movie quotes give a sneak peek into the movie just like other quotes do for their respective movies such as What Happened to Monday, Logan Lucky, The Hitman's Bodyguard, and Ingrid Goes West.  


The Land of You're on Your Own

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Jane Banner: Shouldn’t we wait for some backup?
Ben: This isn’t the land of backup. This is the land of you’re on your own.

As the team approaches private property, Jane naively asks if they should wait for backup before entering. But as Ben explains, there is no backup. They're on their own.

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You Cannot Blink

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Cory Lambert: Out here, you cannot blink, not once, not ever.
In these Wind River movie quotes, Cory offers some unique advise to Jane about how the world works on the reservation. She needs to stay on her toes at all times, or else.

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Maybe You Can Help

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Jane Banner: They have six officers to cover an area the size of Rhode Island. Maybe you can help.
Cory Lambert: All I know is track site. 
Jane Banner: What is it that you do again?
Cory Lambert: I hunt predators.
Jane Banner: So why don’t you come hunt one for me then?

Used to being in the city, Jane is thrown off by the small size of the sheriff's department which oversees such a large area. To get more help, she asks Cody to join the investigatory team in these Wind River movie quotes.

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This Is a Homicide

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Jane Banner: This is a homicide.
Cory Lambert: I knew that girl. She’s a fighter.

It doesn't take long for Jane to determine that the teenage girl found was murdered and she expresses as much in these Wind River movie quotes. Cory expresses that he knew the girl and that she likely didn't go down without a fight.

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