What Wine Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

The stars and planets can reveal about yourself, including which wine varietal aligns with you. Astrological signs say so much, from your zodiac-determined superpower to how you get drunk based on your sign. Of course, in order to get drunk, you have to do some drinking, and if you're into wine and know your own zodiac, you may not be surprised by your zodiac wine match. Regardless of whether or not you like to drink wine, there is a pre-destined match for you out there.

There is, in fact, a wine for each zodiac sign, based on personality traits and preferences. Astrology can be your ultimate sommelier. From extravagant Leos to shy Virgos, there's a vinted variety of grapes to match every star pattern in the sky. This zodiac wine list will help you see which bottle is best suited for your stars; may you age as fine as the wine that matches your sign!