8 Struggles Every Wine Lover Has Experienced  

CE Hudspeth
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Wine lovers can enjoy their favorite drink in a variety of settings. At home alone while wearing sweatpants, at a bar dressed fancy for a night out, at someone’s house while chatting with a group of friends, or at dinner while on a date. Wine always feels appropriate. That being said, when you drink it often enough, you’re liable to become familiar with some of the troubles that can present themselves from time to time. Rest assured, the pros of being a wine enthusiast outweigh the cons, but these are some of the struggles that rear their inconvenient heads on occasion.
Trying to stay awake specifically so that you can drink more wine

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It’s a shame that two magnificent aspects of life, wine and sleep, can’t be experienced simultaneously. Sadly, sometimes you’ll find yourself staving off sleepiness so you can spend a little more time with the bottle.
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Ordering wine & getting a significantly smaller pour than you’re used to


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Drinking at home provides the glorious opportunity to indulge, doing things like filling up oversized glasses liberally. However, when you go out to drink, you’ll often find that the pourer of your wine wants to be bashful with their serving, giving you an unacceptable, unforgivable little baby ration.
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Wine mouth/purple teeth

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Look, it comes with the territory. For every reaction, there's an equal and opposite reaction. You lift weights, you get muscles. You wrestle, you get cauliflower ear. You drink wine and you’re going to endure wine mouth, which may eventually turn to darker teeth. Whatever, that’s why there are whitening toothpastes, it’s no biggie.
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Trying to make it back to the couch with your filled-to-the-top glass without spilling

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You want to get your glass of wine filled to the rim so you don’t have to keep getting off your couch for refills, but you also don’t want carpet stains. It’s the convenience vs. cleanliness dilemma.
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