17 Scientific Studies with Great News About Wine

What's not to love about wine? It's the perfect way to wash down a fancy dinner and it's some of the best social lubricant money can buy. Plus, it tastes delicious! Still, there are always naysayers out there, eager to claim that wine really isn't all that great. They're clearly wrong, but if you want a little evidence to back up your vino obsession, there's good news: The scientists are on your side.

That's right! There are actually some major scientific studies out there that prove wine is great. A lot of people already know that wine is good for your heart, but science has found that wine is good for you in other ways, too. From giving you emotional stability to physical longevity, wine can do it all.

Want to know more? Check out the coolest wine studies around, detailing benefits you never knew existed. As if you need more reasons to drink wine.