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The Best Wingmen In Disney Animated Movies

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We've heard enough about Disney heroes... let's talk about Disney sidekicks. What is a protagonist without a good wingman, anyway? Nothing! That's what. The classic Disney heroes would never have gotten the job done without their best mates looking out for them from time to time. Some heroes would have failed spectacularly without the help of their particular sidekick. And what kind of children's film ends with the hero failing spectacularly? 

What is Aladdin without the Genie? What is Cinderella without the Fairy Godmother? What is Big Hero 6 without Baymax? Would Simba have even survived without Timon and Pumbaa? Would humanity have returned to Earth without M-O in WALL-E? Would Kuzco still be a llama to this day without the help of Pacha in The Emperor's New Groove? Get your friend hat on and your voting fingers ready - we're running through some of the best animated wingmen in Disney history.

  • Those who know and love Monsters, Inc. will probably read the name "Mike Wazowski" and immediately hear Boo shouting it in your head. That little girl doesn't know too many words, but she knows his name - that's for sure. And though Sulley and Boo's relationship serves as the crux of the film, Mike is just as important to the story - and he's very good at physical comedy. So that's always a plus, right?

    Sully and Mike don't have a perfect relationship - there's plenty of bickering throughout the picture - but when the going gets tough, the pair are always there for each other. And any little monster who is willing to stand up to the creepy Randall is alright in anyone's book. Even if he does forget to file his paperwork from time to time. Nobody's perfect.

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  • You're getting a two-for-one here. Could you imagine Timon without Pumbaa or Pumbaa without Timon? These sidekicks are a buy-one, get-one-free deal; hopefully you stocked up on snacks because these boys love to eat. These friends/guardians taught Simba how to relax and enjoy life just a little bit after the demise of Mufasa. And, as harrowing as the demise of his father was, how could Simba not learn to let go a little once these goobers launched into a rendition of "Hakuna Matata"? 

    If vultures are after you, they'll scare them off. Hungry? They'll find some bugs for you to munch on. And they may not be the best of fighters, but if doing a hula dance to distract some bad guys isn't great ingenuity, we don't know what is. All in all, these lovable scamps are two very solid friendos and Simba never would've made it back to Pride Rock without them.

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  • Disney's less-successful-yet-still-very-successful superhero franchise Big Hero 6 did pretty well upon release in 2014. Sure, it didn't do Marvel Cinematic Universe numbers, but $600 million is nothing to scoff at. And much of the film's success lies on the back of its lovable sidekick, Baymax. If there was ever a superhero type you wanted to cuddle, it's this Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man of a robot. Look at him - he's just begging to be hugged!

    Baymax is an inflatable personal healthcare companion with fighting skills. What more do you want? He'll fight with you and then nurse you back to health afterward. Did we mention he can fly? And if he's feeling a bit loopy, just give him a cat to cuddle. He loves those hairy babies. Seriously, we can't say enough good things about Baymax. He is a top-tier sidekick if there ever was one.

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  • If you've been to Disney World any time in the recent past, you've probably noticed that Stitch is still, somehow, a very popular character. The film wasn't a super-duper hit upon release, though it did well with critics and audiences, and his ride at the Magic Kingdom has been closed for a few years now. But this little blue alien just has some kind of staying power. Is it because he kind of looks like a dog? Is it because he has a bit of an attitude? Is it because you can use him as a record player?

    Let's give him this - for a cantankerous alien experiment, he sure does love Lilo. And Lilo is an awesome little oddball, so it's easy to get on board with Stitch. After all, if your pet/best friend can learn a choreographed dance and do it with you and your friends, that's a pretty solid ally to have. And he's really into The Ugly Duckling, which is also adorable.

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