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The Best Wingmen In Disney Animated Movies

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We've heard enough about Disney heroes... let's talk about Disney sidekicks. What is a protagonist without a good wingman, anyway? Nothing! That's what. The classic Disney heroes would never have gotten the job done without their best mates looking out for them from time to time. Some heroes would have failed spectacularly without the help of their particular sidekick. And what kind of children's film ends with the hero failing spectacularly? 

What is Aladdin without the Genie? What is Cinderella without the Fairy Godmother? What is Big Hero 6 without Baymax? Would Simba have even survived without Timon and Pumbaa? Would humanity have returned to Earth without M-O in WALL-E? Would Kuzco still be a llama to this day without the help of Pacha in The Emperor's New Groove? Get your friend hat on and your voting fingers ready - we're running through some of the best animated wingmen in Disney history.

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    Genie, 'Aladdin'

    What would be better than having Robin Williams as your best friend? Having a Robin Williams imbued with magical abilities as your best friend, that's what. Talk about a bundle of fun and energy to entertain you! Though Abu and the Magic Carpet are also solid buddies to have in your friend group, can either of them grant you even one magic wish? Aladdin knows who his best bud is.

    He's got impressions. He's got dance numbers. He can turn a monkey into an elephant. What more are you looking for? Sure, he was forced into servitude under Jafar there for a minute, but that was against his will and it's not like he meant it. We're pretty sure you've never had a friend like him. And we're pretty sure you never will.

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  • Those who know and love Monsters, Inc. will probably read the name "Mike Wazowski" and immediately hear Boo shouting it in your head. That little girl doesn't know too many words, but she knows his name - that's for sure. And though Sulley and Boo's relationship serves as the crux of the film, Mike is just as important to the story - and he's very good at physical comedy. So that's always a plus, right?

    Sully and Mike don't have a perfect relationship - there's plenty of bickering throughout the picture - but when the going gets tough, the pair are always there for each other. And any little monster who is willing to stand up to the creepy Randall is alright in anyone's book. Even if he does forget to file his paperwork from time to time. Nobody's perfect.

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  • From what we in the audience can tell, Prince Adam was a bit of a heel, and you could make an argument he deserved the magical punishment that turned him into a beast at the hands of a homeless enchantress. But did his entire staff of servants deserve that fate, as well? They were kind of just doing their jobs... talk about some serious collateral damage. And our boy Lumiere got it pretty bad, as he was turned from a human into a candelabra.

    Before being turned back into a human, this little French candlestick proved to be one of the most welcome members of the Beast's staff of animated inanimate objects. He was genuinely kind to both Belle and her father, and showed his ability to deliver a showstopper with "Be Our Guest." And when Gaston's stooges storm the castle, Lumiere is there to burn some butts. He's just a good dude who played an integral part in ending the curse.

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  • Where would Cinderella be without the Fairy Godmother? Would she still be scrubbing floorboards under the ever-watching eye of her stepmother? Would she still be the subject of constant ridicule from her stepsisters? It's safe to say she certainly wouldn't be married to Prince Charming, that's for sure. And though Gus, Jaq, and the other mice are more constant sidekicks for good, old Cinderelly, they didn't do all that much to help our protagonist get out from under the thumb of her family.

    Could the Fairy Godmother have helped Cinderella out earlier in her life? Clearly, but better late than never. And, besides, turning a pumpkin into a carriage is no joke. What can you do that's so great? Don't hate on the Fairy Godmother. We don't see you running around turning animals into humans or conjuring other wild magic spells.

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