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The Best WingStreet Flavors

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When it comes to bar food, there's nothing quite like the classic chicken wing. Whether they're breaded, fried, grilled, or rubbed with spices, these savory morsels are a diner favorite at establishments around the globe. Restaurants like WingStreet – a sister company of Pizza Hut – make serving up fresh, tasty chicken wings their mission. Whether you prefer your wings mild or extra spicy, there are WingStreet flavors for you.

All WingStreet flavors start with the chicken wing, bone-out or traditional. From there, hungry customers pick a delectable sauce or dry rub to add extra flavor to the meat. Maybe they crave a sweet-and-savory combination, like that offered by the Hawaiian Teriyaki wings. Or perhaps they want something truly unique – wings coated with a spicy Jim Beam bourbon sauce could be just what they are craving. And for the truly daring, WingStreet offers their signature Buffalo Burnin' Hot wings with an over-the-top spicy kick.

So, what's the very best WingStreet flavor? That's up to you to decide, hungry reader. Give your favorite wing flavors a thumbs up to move them towards the number-one spot on the list, and add any tasty WingStreet varieties that are missing.

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List Rules: Vote up your favorite flavors at WingStreet by Pizza Hut.