Winners of The Voice Who Failed to Launch Careers

The Voice has produced nine winners, but it seems that most of all of the winners have failed to launch really successful careers. It's time to check in with the full list of The Voice winners and see where they are now. 

While The Voice might have big ratings, it seems that winners just aren't having the same success after their big win as they did on the show. In fact, instead of spinning chairs out in the real world, the majority of them have just spun into obscurity. Season 1 winner Javier Colon's debut album Come Through for Youbarely made any waves. Season 6 winner Josh Kaufman might have gone on to star in the Broadway production of Pippin, but now it seems the singer just does a lot of small gigs in his hometown in Indiana. 

Some of the contestants have had moderate successes. When Danielle Bradbury released a cover of Sam Hunt's "Speakers," the video hit 40,000 views in one day. And fans were super excited when Season 8 winner Sawyer Fredericks revealed his new single "4 Pockets." So maybe there is still hope for the winners from The Voice?

Take a look at this list of winners of The Voice who failed to launch careers and catch up with the supposedly up and coming stars who have yet to up and come.