Winter Olympic Events That Look the Easiest

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Winter Olympic sporting events are some of the most daring and exciting spectacles to behold. Although all winter sports take agility, speed, concentration, and discipline, some of these winter Olympic events look the easiest. There are 15 winter sport disciplines, and 7 different sports to choose from. Some of the easiest winter sports include short track speed skating, curling, and freestyle figure skating.

 With returning favorites among the competitors, the Olympics are watched by the whole world to see which country will come out on top of these events. Every Olympic game is more competitive than the last, and each year, more events are added to the list. It helps to know the current favorites of the Winter Olympics to tune in to--or to avoid--if you are not already familiar with them.

What Winter Olympic sport do you think looks the easiest? Cast your vote in the comment section below, and be sure to add any that we may have left out. 
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  • Curling
    75 votes


  • Bobsleigh
    54 votes


  • Luge
    47 votes


  • Skeleton
    43 votes
  • Ice Hockey
    43 votes

    Ice Hockey

  • Short Track Speed Skating
    39 votes

    Short Track Speed Skating