Things You Didn't Know About the Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier is one of the most enigmatic characters in modern Marvel Comics continuity. Unlike the rest of the Marvel heroes who that have graced the silver screen, Bucky's pretty myserious. In comics continuity, he was legitimately deceased until 2005, and the two movies he’s actually in he’s either smiling like a dope or grimacing like a teen who just saw his parents in the shower. If you’re pumped for Captain America: Civil War, but have no idea why you should care about Bucky Barnes, take a quick peek at this Winter Soldier trivia and learn to love Steve Rogers’s sidekick.

Even for a comic book character, some of the information in the Winter Soldier biography is absolutely ridiculous. He spent decades being deceased. He’s pretty much offed every Marvel side character you can think of, he’s traveled through time, and he’s been in almost every super group except for the Great Lakes Avengers (even Bucky wouldn’t stoop that low). However, we does slay a major Marvel character’s wife. Before you go to the theater to follow the adventures of Captain America and the rest of The Avengers, take a look at our countdown of things you didn't know about the Winter Soldier and marvel at the strangely long life of Bucky Barnes.

How many of these archaic facts about the Winter Soldier did you know? Or did you feel left out in the cold after reading this collection of Bucky Barnes facts?