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The Wisest Characters In The MCU

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They say wisdom is the intersection of emotion and intellect. And what better way to describe the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? These superheroes often have an almost limitless understanding of science. They travel to alternate dimensions, dabble in magic, create technological advancements, and explore alien worlds. And yet, they also deal with epic emotions like their underlying daddy issues, loves and losses, and watching half of the world get decimated. But who is the wisest of them all? 

In their battles, both internal and external, these characters showcase their wisdom by making hard decisions and epic sacrifices. Their unique worldviews help them navigate the impossible. So which of the Avengers is the wisest? Which of the Guardians of the Galaxy has got it all figured out? Who on Asgard sees it as it is? The strongest character might have power but no idea what to do with it. And even the dumbest characters have their own source of inner knowing. Who would you want to explain the secrets of the universe?  Who would be the sage member on your superhero squad? These are the wisest characters in the MCU, but the wisest one is up to you.