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Graveyard Shift
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Why Is 3 AM The Witching Hour?

Updated 31 Dec 2019 6.0k views11 items

Many people are familiar with the tense eeriness that comes with the 3 am hour, from waking up with a sudden jolt from a deep sleep to sensing that something may be lurking in the darkness around you. It goes by many different names - "the witching hour," "the devil's hour," and to some, "the chime hour" - but what gives this particular hour such a spooky reputation? 

With roots stretching back to Jesus's crucifixion, myths and legends about the witching hour have been around for generations. But what is the witching hour really? And when is the witching hour? Some believe it to be a perfect time to practice magic, when spirits can be reached without interruption. Still others see the 3 am devil's hour as the time when evil spirits are free to roam and wreak havoc on the world. There is even debate about when the witching hour truly begins - is it 3 am after all, or midnight, or is it even limited to a single hour of darkness?

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